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Long Sleeves

210 Products
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  1. Xacus
    Straight cotton shirt
    As low as US$126
  2. Irie
    Loose shirt in lightweight quality
    As low as US$188 Regular Price US$268
  3. Pauw
    Oversized long shirt
    As low as US$142
  4. Caliban
    Linen shirt
    As low as US$130
  5. Brunello Cucinelli
    Loose linen shirt
    As low as US$1,591
  6. Palmer Harding
    Cotton shirt
    As low as US$284 Regular Price US$406
  7. Pauw
    Velvet tunic
    As low as US$481
  8. Phaeonia
    Silk blouse
    As low as US$707
    Cotton jacket
    As low as US$327
  10. Dries van Noten
    Voile shirt

    offline only

  11. ROSSO35
    Loose linen-cotton shirt
    As low as US$201
  12. Antonelli
    Linen-silk shirt
    As low as US$327
  13. Palmer Harding
    Cotton shirt
    As low as US$377
  14. Phaeonia
    Cotton shirt
    As low as US$645
  15. Sofie D'Hoore
    Long cotton shirt
    As low as US$368
  16. Aspesi
    Linen shirt
    As low as US$155
    Cotton shirt
    As low as US$159
  18. Dries van Noten
    Voile shirt

    offline only

210 Products
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A long sleeve blouse belongs to the foundation of a classic wardrobe, preferably a beautifully finished basic of high quality. At Pauw you can find shirts made of good materials all year round. The range of long sleeved blouses at Pauw is very diverse: from a tailored shirt in a fine stretch quality, a slim-cut shirt with collar in crispy cotton, to an oversized piece from airy linen for multiple dress codes.

Our range of long sleeved blouses is represented by our own brand Pauw and international designers such as the Belgian designers Dries van Noten and Sofie D'Hoore, Italian fashion houses such as Aspesi, Antonelli, Brunello Cucinelli, La DoubleJ and Xacus as well as the British label Joseph and the French brand Irie.

Dries van Noten does not design your average shirts, but special pieces with a twist. Time and again, the Belgian designer manages to surprise us with his use of unique colours, eclectic prints and innovative cuts. Sofie D'Hoore has become known for her use of poplin. Her crisp white poplin cotton shirts with long sleeves feel like a fresh sheet. Antonelli brings feminine blouses in a neutral colour palette. Most long sleeved shirts are crafted from a fluent silk blend which feels soft against the skin. Aspesi designs simplistic long sleeved shirts from pure materials in timeless styles. Brunello Cucinelli's shirts with long sleeves are characterised by its rich materials and the exclusive, monili embroidery. La DoubleJ creates mood-boosting shirts with vintage prints with lots of colour. Xacus is an expert in traditional tailoring. The founder of the Italian brand started making traditional shirts for men and is now also very skilled in designing women's blouses. Joseph focuses on luxury essentials including everyday shirts. Irié is the pioneer of stretch blouses. The long sleeved shirts from the exclusive label are loved by its versatility and comfort.

A classic white blouse with long sleeves definitely belongs in a wardrobe full of timeless classics. A true wardrobe staple as it is both businesslike and elegant, as well as fresh and feminine. At Pauw we are happy to help you find the perfect white shirt with long sleeves. Roll up the sleeves of your shirt for a playful twist.