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Elegance, experimental, and unpredictable: these are important values in Marni's collections. The subtle, but revolutionary design shows that elegance entails a range of possibilities and can be seen as a lifestyle on its own. The experimental aspect is seen in the unique use of materials and colors. The label is also not afraid to mix prints with different forms. Graphic and rigor designs, an avant-garde idea of style, and a continuous dialogue with the world of art, provide the designs of Marni with an unpredictable approach of today's fashion. Castiglioni lacks all borders and rules and encourages women in using different pieces to form a coherent whole. According to her fashion is a way of self-expression, and should be seen separately from status and age. ... read more 

The luxury brand was founded in 1994 by Consuelo Castiglioni and is now an established label in today's fashion world. Marni has become a recognisable aesthetic, and is known for its portability and focus on individuality. In 2016 Castilioni stepped back as Marni's creative designer and handed over the baton to Francesco Risso, with whom a new chapter in the history of Marni has started. 

Marni by Pauw Amsterdam

The Spring/Summer 2020 collection features various prints in playful, intense colors, in the artistic way Marni is well-known for. The Marni collection at Pauw features leather hand bags, midi skirts, oversized t-shirts and feminine dresses. Discover classic designs with a small twist and a broad selection of accessories in one of our stores or online at

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  1. Marni
    Sunglasses 'Beat'
    As low as US$267
  2. Marni
    Crew neck T-shirt
    As low as US$241
  3. Marni
    Asymmetric midi skirt in flower print
    As low as US$526
  4. Marni
    Oversized T-shirt in cotton jersey
    As low as US$241
  5. Marni
    Midi skirt with flower print
    As low as US$526
  6. Marni
    Gold-toned metal bracelet
    As low as US$437
  7. Marni
    Blouse in playful print
    As low as US$793
  8. Marni
    Silk wrap skirt
    As low as US$873
  9. Marni
    Leaf-shaped Earrings

    offline only

  10. Marni
    Tank top in playful print
    As low as US$704
  11. Marni
    Midi skirt with flower print
    As low as US$526
  12. Marni
    Silk scarf with print
    As low as US$285
  13. Marni
    Sweater with 'Jungle liz' print
    As low as US$428
  14. Marni
    Washed Crepe Dress in silk-blend
    As low as US$1,506
  15. Marni
    Crew neck T-shirt
    As low as US$241
27 Products
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