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The Japanese designer Sueo Irié starts his career in fashion capital Paris in 1968. After finishing his Fashion Design studies in Osaka, Japan, he starts a job as assistant designer for Kenzo. During a period of almost ten years he gathered enough experience to find the confidence to start his own label in 1983, which means Irié is born. Irié is a small brand but its innovative designs have gathered a legion of fans from all around the world. Not only the clothes but also the fabrics are designed by Sueo himself, which always ensures fresh and innovative collections. He finds his inspiration mainly in the French lifestyle, and is not afraid to use color and patterned fabrics in his designs. Comfort is always fundamental in his designs. ... read more 

Under the label Irié, Sueo also created the sub label Irié Wash. The pieces from this line are made of a fabric that is easily washable and foldable. These pieces are perfect for frequent travelers, as they can be easily folded into your suitcase without emerging crumpled after a long journey. The composition of the used fabrics always contains a certain amount of elastane, giving the pieces its stretch characteristics. They are not only super soft, but also very wearable and versatile.

Irié by Pauw Amsterdam

At Pauw, Irié is mostly represented by pieces from the Irié Wash line. Every season this collection is extensively present in our selection. Always evoking a sense of comfort, characterised by subdued designs in neutral colours, every now and then supplemented by striped and dotted designs. All the fabrics are sophisticated, ultra-soft and super convenient due to the added stretch. The Irié collection by Pauw is focused on that comfort. Especially for frequent travellers, Irié can be the ultimate solution for wrinkled fabrics after a long journey inside a suitcase. The Irié Wash line offers many different categories: blazers, dresses, tops, skirts and trousers. Both this diversity, as well as the subdued character of the brand, lead to endless possibilities in combining with items from our own Pauw Amsterdam collection as well as those from other brands.

Irié Autumn/Winter 2020 

The Autumn/Winter Irié collection at Pauw features well-known essentials as well as new designs. Most styles come in two different qualities: the lightweight fabric is perfect for layering, while the thicker version will keep its shape even more. Classic icons such as the stretch top, slim-fit shirt and leggings are available in the colours navy, white, red, light blue and black. These styles are complemented with loose blouses, long blazers, modern suits, sophisticated dresses and wide-leg trousers in the colour palette Irié is known for. New this season is the theme in faux leather - in deep black and mahogany brown. Discover pieces by Parisian-Japanese designer Irié you can wear both during the day and in the evening. Discover the collection in all our stores and online.


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  1. Irie
    Sshirt dress with stretch
    As low as €600
  2. Irie
    Long skirt in stretch quality
    As low as €250
  3. Irie
    Lightweight stretch dress
    As low as €350
  4. Irie
    Lightweight stretch dress
    As low as €350
  5. Irie
    Lightweight sleeveless dress
    As low as €280
  6. Irie
    Midi dress in stretch quality
    As low as €350
  7. Irie
    Shirt dress in stretch quality
    As low as €440
  8. Irie
    Stretch shirt dress with belt
    As low as €390
  9. Irie
    Fluid pleated maxi skirt
    As low as €440
  10. Irie
    Loose top in lightweight quality
    As low as €280
  11. Irie
    Striped top with boat neckline
    As low as €95
  12. Irie
    Lightweight stretch top
    As low as €95
  13. Irie
    Loose top in lightweight quality
    As low as €280
  14. Irie
    Loose top in lightweight quality
    As low as €280
  15. Irie
    Striped loose shirt
    As low as €320
218 Products
Set Descending Direction

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