About the brand

  • knitwear and cashmere
  • Italian luxury label 
  • emotion-charged garments 

Alanui means 'big path' in Hawaian, poetic, seen the fact the label was originally founded in Pasadena (California) but finally home based near Milan. Nicolò Oddi, founder of the label, found a vintage cardigan at the Rose Bowl Flea Market and took it home to his sister, fashion-consultant, Carlotta. From that moment on Alanui was born. ... read more 

Alanui is characterised by it's colourful jacquard knitwear made of the finest cashmere, which pays homage to the Indian-America iconography. Each design is truly unique, handcrafted from 980 gram of Cariaggi cashmere and can take up to 15 hours to make. The items of Alanui are timeless and suitable for both men and women. The possibilities are endless, wear the design as a cardigan for comfort or as a statement piece coat. The beauty is largely hidden in the fact that the design goes in any direction you want.

Alanui by Pauw Amsterdam

The Alanui collection by Pauw is carefully selected from handmade items, mostly in cashmere; oversized cardigan, knitted sweaters and accessories, all crafted in stunning color combinations and prints. 

Alanui spring/summer 2021 collection

The spring/summer 2021 collection by Pauw features carefully knitted pullovers and cardigans, complemented with accessories such as a blanket and an Airpods case. Discover the collection in our stores or online at

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15 Products
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  1. Alanui
    El Paso Crochet Cardigan
    As low as US$1,746
  2. Alanui
    Long bandana belt
    As low as US$124
  3. Alanui
    Cotton bandana with print
    As low as US$84
  4. Alanui
    Mini Airpods Case
    As low as US$194
  5. Alanui
    San Antonio Hat
    As low as US$238
  6. Alanui
    Raffia Mini Bucket
    As low as US$303
  7. Alanui
    Oversized woolen cardigan
    As low as US$1,484
  8. Alanui
    Cotton bandana belt
    As low as US$79
  9. Alanui
    Mini Airpods case
    As low as US$159
  10. Alanui
    Cashmere-woolen blanket
    As low as US$1,985
  11. Alanui
    Leather Dan Loafers
    As low as US$347
  12. Alanui
    Cotton bandana with print
    As low as US$84
  13. Alanui
    Chihuahua Desert Bandana Sweater
    As low as US$719
  14. Alanui
    Jacquard Mica travel kit
    As low as US$461
  15. Alanui
    Oversized Jacquard Cardigan
    As low as US$2,481
15 Products
Set Descending Direction

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