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With their label ODEEH Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich stand for a nowadays rare atelier tradition since 2008. ODEEH is the result of the designer duo’s pursuit of perfection and passion for their collection. Dealing creatively with different tempers brings a special tension and complexity to the collection: from the silhouettes to the range of the materials. ... read more 

Uncountable hours behind sketch blocks and in the atelier, many confrontations and lots of discussions of the creative team resulted in the distinctive message of collection. Drögsler and Ehrlich complete each other to become a greater picture, an overall vision of ODEEH. Brave. Creative. Eclectic. Sometimes casual. Elegant, occasionally formal, and strict. Playing with extreme silhouettes, creating a tension between traditional and experimental tailoring. The concept of ‘Old – School – Couture’ is a subtle hint, which never overrules. The manufacturing and compilation explicitly break with this elegant concept. 

The combination of the single elements explore new exceptional paths. Every piece of the collection is designed to be combined, but only when the pieces are used together, the true look of ODEEH unfolds. From the first pencil stroke up to the delivery, only specialists work at ODEEH, beginning with the best weavers and silk printers of northern Italy to the production in German studios, manufactories, and master enterprises. This conscious anti‐industrialism once more reflects ODEEH’s underlying sophisticated principle. 

ODEEH by Pauw Amsterdam 

At Pauw we offer a varied selection of ODEEH: from supple, wide leg trousers in comfortable fits, oversized jackets in colorful materials, tops in soft rayon and shirt dresses in crispy cotton. Characteristic for every collection are the stunning colors, artistic prints and oversized silhouettes. 

ODEEH Spring/Summer 2020 

For the spring/summer 2020 collection ODEEH collaborated with graphic artist Marco Wagner. The eclectic and graceful constructivist style of Wagner suits ODEEH’s DNA perfectly. Wagner designed, especially for ODEEH, different prints in a maritime theme: from fish and boots to anchors and lobsters, which are pictured on silk pants, rayon tops and long kimonos. The connection between nature and construction is very visible in this theme: the fish prints seem made of metal, while other elements are built up from flowers. The SS20 collection features both voluminous silhouettes and slim fit items: however, what the tailored blazer, wide leg trousers, maxi dresses and shorts have in common – their femininity. 

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    Cotton shirt with flower print · Now on sale
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  2. Odeeh
    Cotton shirt with flower print · Now on sale
    As low as US$258 Regular Price US$430
  3. Odeeh
    Coat in Techno Gabardine · Now on sale
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    Cotton Jacket with Shimmering
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    Cotton Shorts with Belt
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    Cotton top · Now on sale
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    Silk Scarf 'Modernist Daisies' · Now on sale
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    Cotton maxi dress · Now on sale
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    Scarf with graphic 'Octopus' print · Now on sale
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    Cotton A-line skirt · Now on sale
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    Long silk shirt dress
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    Silk Scarf 'Modernist Daisies' · Now on sale
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    Silk Kimono 'Fancy Shells'
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    Silk scarf with 'Dancing Fish' · Now on sale
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    Silk top in 'Fancy Shells' print · Now on sale
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132 Products
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