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Ailanto is a designer label created by the twin brothers Iñaki and Aitor Muñoz, recognized and admired for its artisan designs and noble materials.

The designer brand was founded in 1995 by the Spanish duo, who both studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. Iñaki completed his studies with a degree in Fashion Design. As a result of their love for art Ailanto is a primarily visual brand. The name Ailanto refers to an ornamental tree, which appeals to the imagination.... read more 

The collections are inspired by nature and avant-garde movements such as Bauhaus, Mondrian and Ellsworth Kelly, as seen in the combination of colours and the geometry of shapes. The brothers' studio is therefore stuffed with art books. The creative process of Iñaki and Aitor Muñoz starts with the design of the prints. These are developed with great attention; various pictorial techniques such as collage, tempera, watercolour and oil are applied, depending on the desired result.

All collections by Ailanto are manufactured at local suppliers. Here the garments are handcrafted by craftsmen and professionals with a strong eye for detail. Each piece is exclusively made with products from Europe to close the loop and create synergies that improve our environment.

Ailanto by Pauw Amsterdam

The artful prints of Ailanto come to life in our selection of midi dresses, wide leg pants and long blouses. All pieces are made in lightweight silk, which feels very soft on the skin and moves smoothly around your body. The designs by Ailanto are very versatile; wear them during warm temperatures in all their simplicity or layer up with leather and cashmere in colder months.

Ailanto Autumn/Winter 2020-2021

The autumn/winter collection “Good Fortune” is inspired on the artwork ‘Some Japanese flowers’ by Kazumasa Ogawa. This season the collection features woollen, asymmetrical coats and blazer in soft velvet with the ‘Dandelion’ print, which brings an ode to happiness and fortune.

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