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Belgium designer Sofie D’Hoore was born and raised in an intellectual family in Antwerp. Her love for fashion started at a young age during the bi-annual trips to Paris with her mother. As her father was working in the medical industry, Sofie dutifully decided to study for dentist. During her studies, she kept on following everything that happened in the fashion industry. It might not surprise you that Sofie D'Hoore started at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp directly after her graduation, followed by the study Textile Engineering in Gent. ... read more

After a few years of work experience at Franco Bruccoleri, the distributor who launched brands as Helmut Lang and Dries van Noten in Italy, Sofie returned back to Belgium and started building her own brand.

Nowadays the talented designer has earned good reputation amongst fashion lovers. Her love for pure and simple clothing has brought her to the top of the Belgian fashion world. The hard-working designer is constantly looking for development in terms of fit, colour, and execution. It is very important to her to work with natural materials, that can be worn for a long time. Fantasy-like elements are combined with clean lines, without losing sight of comfort; Sofie's goal is to make clothes in which you can move freely. She describes her own collectionas uncomplicated; sophisticated styles that level with today's busy life.

Sofie D'Hoore Spring/Summer 2021

For Spring/Summer 2021, Sofie D'Hoore is again releasing a collection of refined materials in a unique fit and look. Merino wool, silk and cotton, executed in navy, off-white and white, are recurring themes, which are expanded with bright colours and striking stripes. The collection is both modern and classic due to the designs that can be worn in different ways. Items with oversized fits also predominate in this collection, which can be worn elegant and feminine as a result of the right design.

Sofie D'Hoore by Pauw Amsterdam

At Pauw we select strong silhouettes with clean lines from the Sofie D’Hoore collection. You can always find fundamental pieces in neutral shades, such as the classic cotton poplin shirt ‘bratsk crop’ and thick cotton t-shirt ‘tia jco’ in the colours navy and white. New this season are the midi dresses ’dahna crop’ and ’delice crig’ in lightweight poplin cotton, from khaki to subtle stripes in light blue and white. To complement your outfit we offer high-top canvas sneakers, low-top leather sneakers with contrasting soles and leather belts in an range of colours. 

Discover the Sophie D'Hoore collection in stores or online. 

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  1. Sofie D'Hoore
    Oversized Cotton T-shirt
    As low as US$169
  2. Sofie D'Hoore
    Cotton wrap skirt
    As low as US$468
  3. Sofie D'Hoore
    Baggy cotton trousers
    As low as US$398
  4. Sofie D'Hoore
    Leather Slip-in
    As low as US$369
  5. Sofie D'Hoore
    Cotton duffle coat
    As low as US$1,046
  6. Sofie D'Hoore
    Oversized cotton bomber
    As low as US$857
  7. Sofie D'Hoore
    Merino woolen sweater
    As low as US$359
  8. Sofie D'Hoore
    Loose silk top
    As low as US$369
  9. Sofie D'Hoore
    Cotton poplin oversized shirt
    As low as US$329
  10. Sofie D'Hoore
    Pleated midi skirt
    As low as US$378
  11. Sofie D'Hoore
    Frida Leather Sneaker
    As low as US$398
  12. Sofie D'Hoore
    Wide pants in cotton
    As low as US$398
  13. Sofie D'Hoore
    Cotton poplin oversized blouse
    As low as US$309
  14. Sofie D'Hoore
    Fully buttoned shirt dress
    As low as US$448
  15. Sofie D'Hoore
    Poplin cotton midi dress
    As low as US$498
78 Products
Set Descending Direction

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