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Vince was founded in Los Angeles in 2002 with the fundamental premise to create a collection of luxury essentials for every day with a focus on distinctive design. This vision is well implemented in the collections that contain of relaxed, approachable luxurious materials with that warm, elevated Californian aesthetic. From the early days on,Vince has always offered a certain sense of ease; an uncomplicated approach to dressing that is reflected with items you literally want to live in. ... read more 

Silk blouses, classic cotton t-shirts, cashmere sweaters and soft trousers: Vince is the go-to brand if you are looking for effortless and comfortable, yet modern and timeless. The high-quality fabrics that are used, combined with the eye for detail, makes every piece special and meant to be in your closet season after season. Vince instantly became a hit in the United States and soon the brand expanded all over the world. Nowadays, Vince is a leading contemporary fashion brand for both women and men. The collections are still being designed in Los Angeles, with the same dedication and passion the brand once started. With the focus on layering rather than creating heavy, chunky pieces on its own, the touch of the Californian weather is very noticeable in every collection. All pieces are synonymous to a modern, timeless aesthetic and effortless sophistication and are perfect to balance and combine in a casual, cool style. The ‘realness’ of the clothes makes it easy to put a full look together, which aligns with the vision of current creative director Caroline Belhumeur: "It helps keep life simpler when you do not have a complicated wardrobe."

The Vince collections are not just created for one particular type of woman: the items are designed with multiple women in mind, who have in common the desire to throw something on naturally without any effort and still look modern and chic. Vince has always devoted itself to simple and season-less clothing, allowing their customers to actually ‘build’ a wardrobe they can wear for years. The attention to detail can be seen and felt in the silhouette, structure of the material and lifespan of every piece. 

Vince by Pauw Amsterdam 

At Pauw Amsterdam we offer the women collection with a focus on casual items such as cashmere sweaters, silk shirts and cotton t-shirts, but also pieces you can wear on an evening out: satin pleated skirts, long dresses and wide leg trousers. 

Vince Spring/Summer 2021 

The Vince Spring/Summer 2021 collection features flowing and stylish silhouettes crafted in silk, satin and tencel. From elegant satin pants and silk blouses to tailored cotton T-shirts and dresses that drape loosely around the body. This collection, called ‘summer casual chic’, can be worn for any occasion and can be combined well to create various layers. In addition to romantic floral prints, the Spring/Summer 2021 collection also includes a palette of different pastel colours.

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61 Products
Set Descending Direction
  1. Vince
    Satin midi skirt
    As low as US$350
  2. Vince
    Cashmere turtleneck pullover
    As low as US$489
  3. Vince
    Cable turtleneck
    As low as US$451
  4. Vince
    Essential cotton pullover
    As low as US$187
  5. Vince
    Cotton T-Shirt
    As low as US$77
  6. Vince
    Shadow Plaid Band Collar Pullover
    As low as US$331
  7. Vince
    Cashmere turtleneck pullover
    As low as US$489
  8. Vince
    Casual pull-on pants
    As low as US$331
  9. Vince
    Cashmere pullover
    As low as US$379
  10. Vince
    Flannel pull on pants
    As low as US$364
  11. Vince
    Wool-cashmere pullover
    As low as US$249
  12. Vince
    Wool cardigan
    As low as US$499
  13. Vince
    Essential cotton pullover
    As low as US$187
  14. Vince
    Cashmere turtleneck sweater
    As low as US$465
  15. Vince
    Merino turtleneck sweater
    As low as US$364
  16. Vince
    Wool-cashmere crewneck
    As low as US$398
  17. Vince
    Cotton sweater
    As low as US$187
  18. Vince
    Wool sweater
    As low as US$432
61 Products
Set Descending Direction

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