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In this section you will find the stories behind our brands. The creators of brands such as Alanui, Odeeh, Vince and Wandler share their candid insight about their inspiration, their atelier and the people behind the brand.

Greek Archaic Kori

behind the brand


“We primarily choose natural fabrics, friendly to the environment but also to our skin.

Stavroula Giannoulatou, founder of Greek Archaic Kori



behind the brand


“The PAIGE woman is sexy and feminine with a little bit of edge.

Paige Adams-Geller, founder of PAIGE


sporty & rich

behind the brand


The aesthetic identity of Sporty & Rich is well, me.

Emily Oberg, founder of Sporty & Rich



behind the brand


The JOSEPH woman's style is understated and she appreciates quality and longevity in a product.

Anna and Frederik, co-creative directors of Joseph



behind the brand


“Psophía is a Slow Fashion project, we don’t believe in the impulsive consumption that fast fashion has generated. Our garments are created to last!

Paloma Vázquez de Castro, founder of Psophía


March 29, 2021


behind the brand

“I love artisanal work and I admire the knowledge and the capability of the people in the sewing room, which is one of my favourite places.

Bettina Lempelius, founder of Lempelius


November 26, 2020

citizens of humanity

behind the brand

“I would liken the production of a pair of jeans at Citizens of Humanity to be similar to a musical production, where everyone’s part, no matter how small, contributes to the magic of what will come.

Marianne Gallagher McDonald, creative director at Citizens of Humanity


November 19, 2020

la doublej

Catch Up With


Having my own business and operating in Covid, you have to really, really learn how to go with the flow.

JJ Martin, founder of La DoubleJ


November 5, 2020


Catch Up With


As your name becomes more known, it feels like there are more eyes on you – it motivates me to keep evolving, anticipate customer needs and meet them in unexpected ways.

Elza Wandler, founder of Wandler


August 28, 2020


Behind the Brand


Nanni Milano, the brand of belts, was born out of harmony between style, history and rock ’n roll.

Vincenzo Niglio, export manager at Nanni


July 17, 2020

j brand

Behind the Brand


The best way to prolong a jean to look the same as you bought it is to wash them as infrequently as possible. find repeating the same rituals every day make my life easier and less stressful.

Mary Shoe, director and creative at J Brand


June 26, 2020

harris wharf london

Catch Up With


I find repeating the same rituals every day make my life easier and less stressful.

Giulia Acchiardi, founder of Harris Wharf London


June 11, 2020


Catch Up With


My days are calmer, but still very full. We’re constantly navigating new ways to work.

Caroline Belhumeur, creative director at Vince


June 3, 2020


Catch Up With


Wear pieces that make you feel unique and special.

Iñaki and Aitor, founders of Ailanto


May 28, 2020

Sofie D'Hoore

Catch Up With


Make yourself beautiful for you and your environment.

Sofie D'Hoore


May 20, 2020


Catch Up With


Everybody, woman or man, should have a personal kind of fashion recipe he or she lives by.

Otto and Jörg, founders of Odeeh


May 1, 2020

An An Londree

The Story Behind


We love the movement, the ‘dance’ of silk when the wind catches it and changes its patterns like the waves of the sea.

Andrea and Angelika, founders of an an londree


April 5, 2020

La DoubleJ

The Story Behind


We want to take women from Monday to Sunday, sunrise to sunset and everything in between.”

JJ Martin, founder of La DoubleJ


March 11, 2020


The Story Behind


We are a kind of a mix of French and Italian culture.

Catherine and Françoise Sartore


February 28, 2020

Afroditi Hera

The Story Behind


I am always mesmerized by my signature silk-printed tapestries on a woman's body, waving in the windthink to be good fashion designer, you have to forget fashion.

Afroditi Hera, designer of her brand.


February 12, 2020

Samantha Sung

The Story Behind


“The core of beauty and elegance which will never change as long as we are human beings, men and women. I wanted to just follow that core elegance of style icons.

Samantha Sung, founder of her brand.


February 12, 2020

Pierre-Louis Mascia

The Story Behind


I think to be good fashion designer, you have to forget fashion. I think my interest for creations and being a creator came from my study at the Fine Arts Academy.

Pierre-Louis Mascia, designer of his brand.


January 24, 2020


The Story Behind


Representing what we are has always been the focus of the brand, one which clearly aims to encourage a determination to be what others are not: ourselves.

Enrico Moretti Polegato, CEO and president of Diadora Spa.


December 24, 2019

Meher Kakalia

The Story Behind


By using authentic materials and fusing them with modern elements, the shoes and bags invite the wearer to incorporate ancient traditions into their wardrobe and personal style.

Meher Kakalia, designer of her brand.


November 22, 2019


The Story Behind


BANANATIME was initiated with the idea of effortless clothing that is comfortable, while using the best quality fabrics. We did not want luxury to be limited by occasion or gender.

Julia Mah and Naoyo Kawaguchi, the founders of BANANATIME.


October 3, 2019


The Story Behind


“It is super rewarding to have women choose Wandler bags and shoes for that something new to add a little statement to their everyday dressing..

Elza Wandler, designer of her brand


September 24, 2019


The Story Behind


“Our identity is bohemian and a little retro, we find that craftsmanship and nature are always our starting points when designing a collection.

Iñaki Muñoz and Aitor Muñoz, founders of the design company


March 29, 2019

Sofie D'Hoore

The Story Behind


“When I embark upon a new collection, fabric is the starting point. Each season, I research hunderds of textiles before making the choices that will influence my designs.

Sofie D'Hoore, designer and founder of the brand


March 1, 2019


The Story Behind


“I know that many women want to be able to throw something on naturally without effort. I like that the clothes are real - you can easily put thing together.

Caroline Belhumeur, creatieve director at Vince.


February 4, 2019


The Story Behind


“Cashmere and knitwear in general are very special to us. We are trying to improve our products using new techniques and patterns. From sophisticated jacquards to crochet and needle-punch, we are always very excited to work on new products and discover what it will look like.

Nicolò and Carlotta Oddi, founders of Alanui


December 28, 2018


The Story Behind


“Inspiration is really everywhere, you just have to keep your eyes open. We usually find new kick-off ideas when we least expect to find them. Nevertheless, we are very much London-addicted.”

Jörg and Otto, creators of Odeeh 


augustus 30, 2018

Harris Wharf London

The Story Behind


“Confident, comfortabale and effortlessly smart. That's how we want that women feel when they wear Harris Wharf London.

Gulia Acchiardi, designer of Harris Wharf London 



september 28, 2018