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Golden Goose Deluxe Brand came to life in 2000 when Alessandro and Francesca Gallo joined forces. Their work originated from a collaboration with a friend, a famous Venetian tailor, who carried out some of their ideas. From the beginning, the idea was to create clothes that combine style, elegance and modernity. Their clothes - or, to put it better, their artistic creations - are exclusively made in Venice, drawing directly from the local artisan traditions. ... read more 

Alessandro and Francesca always like to consider themselves as self-taught designers. The experimenting with new fits and combining them with the classic 'Made in Italy' motto was greatly appreciated by customers who were looking for something special to wear on a daily basis. The duo aims to design pieces that last. The result is a modern and sophisticated character. Golden Goose's secret is a wise mix between Italian characteristics and British tailoring, with a hint of avant-garde style and a unique attention to detail.

For the latest collection, Golden Goose took inspiration from the Northern Japanese island Hokkaido. They took vintage and modern sportswear influences from the Japanese culture and fused this with an ode to travel. This collection is detailed with embroidered or painted re-crowned cranes, which you find at the Hokkaido island. From bomber jackets and western boots with the Japanese birds to gold leather statement pieces - all hand-treated to make them even more exclusive.

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  1. Golden Goose
    Leather boots 'Wish Star'
    As low as US$866
  2. Golden Goose
    Merino wool sweater ´Momo´
    As low as US$356
  3. Golden Goose
    Superstar Sneakers with suede star
    As low as US$319
  4. Golden Goose
    Leather Ankle Boots 'Sunset'
    As low as US$593
  5. Golden Goose
    Wool-Cashmere Coat 'Miki'
    As low as US$1,636
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    Shimmering sneakers 'Slide'
    As low as US$356
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    Superstar sneakers with shearling
    As low as US$392
  8. Golden Goose
    Superstar sneakers with leopard star
    As low as US$342
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    Suede sneakers 'Running Sole'
    As low as US$342
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    Hi Star sneakers
    As low as US$356
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    Suede Bag with Fringes
    As low as US$679
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    Suede superstar sneakers
    As low as US$342
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    Shearling Superstar sneakers
    As low as US$392
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    Superstar sneaker with glitters
    As low as US$319
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    Canvas slide sneakers
    As low as US$319
84 Products
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