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Adriano Goldschmied

About the brand

  • denim
  • authentic brand
  • sustainable manufacturing

Denim with a fantastic fit and excellent construction is the success factor of AG Jeans since the launch. The brand was founded by the godfather of denim Adriano Goldschmied and the iconic denim manufacturer Yul Ku in 2000. The combination of these two denim gurus and their own factory in California - with control of the entire process - has led to a premium denim brand. moreWhat makes AG Jeans so unique is dedication to the process of denim in their own integrated facilities. Every step, from the first stages of concept and design to cutting, sewing, laundering and shipping the goods, is in the hands of the Adriano Goldschmied team themselves. By running its own factories, Adriano Goldschmied has the unique ability to carefully monitor and control the production process. The mission of AG is to provide quality products while pursuing corporate social responsibility at all stages. Sustainability and innovation are key within the whole process. For example, sustainable fibers such as Tencel® and Modal® are used, which are entirely natural and biodegradable. But what is most important is the reduction to a minimum of water and chemicals by using Ozone Technology instead. AG is committed to making a difference, both locally and globally.

Samuel Ku, the son of Yul Ku, joined the family business after his Economic Studies. As a little kid he visited his father in the factory and was mesmerised by the whole denim process. With his eye for design, Samuel took over as Creative Director. Now having Samuel on board, AG has built the business from exclusively premium denim to a contemporary lifestyle brand with a complete collection that reflects the true sensibility of the brand: Chic. Sophisticated. Classic. The most beautiful washings and treatments lead season-by-season to refined and classic collections with an excellent fit. 

At Pauw, Adriano Goldschmiedd's collection consists of iconic jeans such as 'The Farrah', 'The Prima' and 'The Ex-Boyfriend Slim Jeans'. Discover them in our stores or online.

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  1. Adriano Goldschmied
    Farrah Skinny Ankle
    As low as US$244
  2. Adriano Goldschmied
    Denim jacket
    As low as US$253
  3. Adriano Goldschmied
    Angel bootcut jeans
    As low as US$281
  4. Adriano Goldschmied
    Prima Mid-Rise Cigarette Jeans
    As low as US$244
  5. Adriano Goldschmied
    The Skinny Legging
    As low as US$225
  6. Adriano Goldschmied
    Low-Rise Super Skinny Ankle
    As low as US$244
  7. Adriano Goldschmied
    The Prima Ankle Jeans
    As low as US$267
  8. Adriano Goldschmied
    Bootcut Jeans
    As low as US$286
  9. Adriano Goldschmied
    Ex-Boyfriend Slim Jeans
    As low as US$258
  10. Adriano Goldschmied
    Hailey shorts
    As low as US$197
  11. Adriano Goldschmied
    Mid-Rise Cigarette Jeans
    As low as US$244
  12. Adriano Goldschmied
    Low-Rise Super Skinny Ankle
    As low as US$244
12 Products
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