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  1. Pauw
    Double face cashmere coat
    As low as US$1,937
  2. Odeeh
    Double face oversized jacket
    As low as US$1,696
  3. Woolrich
    Short coat with hood
    As low as US$764
  4. Joseph
    Double face poncho
    As low as US$1,109
  5. Pauw
    Wool coat
    As low as US$875
  6. Irie
    Short jacket
    As low as US$690
  7. Brunello Cucinelli
    Short suede jacket
    As low as US$7,322
  8. Harris Wharf London
    Overcoat in pressed wool
    As low as US$584
  9. Pauw
    Long double face cashmere coat
    As low as US$1,783
  10. Harris Wharf London
    As low as US$520
  11. Irie
    Short jacket
    As low as US$732
  12. Brunello Cucinelli
    Linen jacket
    As low as US$3,077
  13. Pauw
    Double face cashmere coat
    As low as US$1,671
  14. Harris Wharf London
    Overcoat in pressed wool
    As low as US$584
  15. Woolrich
    Short down jacket
    As low as US$732
  16. Herno
    Padded jacket
    As low as US$678
  17. Herno
    Wool coat
    As low as US$1,045
  18. Pauw
    Double face cashmere coat
    As low as US$1,671
172 Products
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At Pauw we offer a versatile selection of women's coats: from wool tailored coats that are elegant and delicate to technical jackets that offer the right functionalities, comfort and protection against the cold without compromising on style. All jackets – whether we create them ourselves or select them from other collections – are designed in detail and manufactured from high-quality fabrics for a long lifetime. These high-quality fabrics vary from natural materials such as cashmere, leather, suede, wool and cotton to innovative materials containing synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon and polyamide, which have properties to make a jacket water-repellent or even waterproof.

The collection of short and long coats at Pauw is divided into the following categories: the double face cashmere coat, the double breasted coat, the quilted coat, the tailored coat and the parka. Our brand portfolio of jackets consists of our own collectionPauw and the following leading brands: Aspesi, Brunello Cucinelli, Dries van Noten, Harris Wharf London, Kassl Editions, Lempelius, Vince and Woolrich.

Pauw signature 'double face cashmere' coats are characterised by the opulent, soft double layer of cashmere and elegant, precise fit. These cashmere coats can be worn all year round - both indoors and out - thanks to the natural fiber with excellent insulation. The long, woolen double-breasted coat in dark blue with gold buttons is an iconic piece within the Pauw collection, and is remade every year. A timeless and elegant design with a military-inspired character.

Aspesi is an expert in technical outerwear. The quilted down jacket from the Italian brand has darts to give it the right shape and layers easily underneath a wool coat for extra warmth. Brunello Cucinelli brings jackets from the most exclusive fabrics, such as mohair, alpaca and buttery soft leather and decorates each design with monili embroidery. Dries van Noten creates eclectic designs and uses a lot of colour and details such as embroidery, sequins and feathers. Harris Wharf London is a family business specialising in pressed wool coats with excellent value for money. Kassl Editions makes the ultimate, timeless jacket from technical materials in neutral tones. Lempelius offers down jackets with a modern fit that feel like a warm blanket. Vince’s coats are luxurious and understated at the same time and are often made from brushed wool in classic shapes. Finally, Woolrich is a master in designing technical, durable jackets that offer protection against all elements: from a heavy rain shower in the city to a hike through the mountains.

The range of coats at Pauw varies from classic models to special designer pieces. Standard colours within our collection are: blue, green, brown and black in different hues. Warm accessories such as scarves and hats from Pauw, Golden Goose and Marni complete your winter outfit and offer extra protection against the cold.