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Woolrich find its heritage in 1830, in Pennsylvania, under direction of the British John Rich. The brand is a well-known manufacturer for sports- and outerwear for the last 180 years. It's America's oldest clothing outdoor company. During its first decade Woolrich mainly provided garments for farmers and woodworkers who had to work in extreme climatic conditions. Also soldiers during the civil war were supported by uniforms and blankets produced by the warmest wool in true American style.

Faithful to its heritage, Woolrich still is one of the biggest manufactures when it comes to sports and outerwear. Words that characterize the brand today are comfort, durability, resistant combined with simplicity and innovation. The sporty but elegant designs lead to a versatile collection every season; the compositions of natural and man-made fibers create excellent pieces that are a perfect for when the temperatures outside drop. Iconic in its collections is the Arctic Parka, introduced in 1972, designed to handle most extreme temperatures, available with or without a fur collar.

For Autumn / Winter 2019 Woolrich introduces a new logo which symbolizes the timeless identity, shaped by heritage, quality and innovation. Creating garments with a purpose continues to key mainstay in the development of the brand. When it comes to outerwear, Woolrich remains a true pioneer.

At Pauw we offer a versatile collection for both women and men. This season the Buffalo check is back, and next to the basic colours black, navy and khaki you can choose also from a new fresh red shade. The models vary from short jackets such as the W’Alquippa Bomber and W’s Logo Jacket to overcoats and long down coats such as the W’s Arctic Parka, W’s Marshall Coat and W’s Hazelton Coat.

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  1. Woolrich
    W's Long Military Parka
    As low as US$711
  2. Woolrich
    W's Arctic Parka NF
    As low as US$638
  3. Woolrich
    W's Alaskan Shirt
    As low as US$360
  4. Woolrich
    W's Alyssa Cross Shoulder Bag
    As low as US$100
  5. Woolrich
    W's Alquippa Bomber
    As low as US$428
  6. Woolrich
    W's Buffalo Coat
    As low as US$583
  7. Woolrich
    As low as US$638
  8. Woolrich
    W's Arctic Parka
    As low as US$693
  9. Woolrich
    W'S HAZELTON Wool coat
    As low as US$542
  10. Woolrich
    Padded coat 'W's Logo'
    As low as US$638
  11. Woolrich
    W's Marshall down coat
    As low as US$711
  12. Woolrich
    W's Marshall down coat
    As low as US$711
  13. Woolrich
    W's Arctic Parka NF
    As low as US$638
  14. Woolrich
    W's Arctic Parka NF
    As low as US$638
  15. Woolrich
    Oversized Cotton popeline dress
    As low as US$201
40 Products
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