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Woolrich find its heritage in 1830, in Pennsylvania, under direction of the British John Rich. The brand is a well-known manufacturer for sports- and outerwear for the last 180 years. It's America's oldest clothing outdoor company. During its first decade Woolrich mainly provided garments for farmers and woodworkers who had to work in extreme climatic conditions. Also soldiers during the civil war were supported by uniforms and blankets produced by the warmest wool in true American style. ... lees meer 

Faithful to its heritage, Woolrich still is one of the biggest manufactures when it comes to sports and outerwear. Words that characterize the brand today are comfort, durability, resistant combined with simplicity and innovation. The sporty but elegant designs lead to a versatile collection every season; the compositions of natural and man-made fibers create excellent pieces that are a perfect for when the temperatures outside drop. Iconic in its collection is the Arctic Parka, introduced in 1972, designed to handle most extreme temperatures, available with or without a fur collar.

Woolrich by Pauw

At Pauw we offer a versatile collection for both women and men. Every season we carefully select technical coats and jackets without compromising on style. Each design is chosen to wear in an urban environment: from a trip to the mountains to a walk through the city on a crisp winter day. Our selection consists of many down coats, such as the W’s Aliquippa Puffy Jacket, W's Quilted Vail Coat and W's Literary Rex Parka as well as capes such as W’s Woolen cape as well as matching accessories.

Alanui lente/zomer 2021 collectie

With their Spring/Summer 2021 collection, Woolrich keeps on following the 'Without Barriers' journey. The added styled to our collection this season is the Hibiscus jacket - a hooded design and one without. Ideally suited to go on adventures in nature. Discover the collection in stores or online at Pauw.com.

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    Wool Kuna Parka
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    Long scarf in wool blend
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    Abbie down jacket
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    Gentry coat in wool blend
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    Abbie nylon vest
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    Abbie down jacket
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    Abbie nylon vest
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