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About the brand

  • shoes
  • made in Italy
  • heritage brand

The long history of Sartore takes off in a small village in the South of France, nearby Nice, in 1930. This is where Paul Sartore starts a small shoe and repair shop. Over the years Paul and his wife expand their shop, which ultimately leads to opening their own factory for the production of a new line; a range of stitched moccasins. moreIn 1978, Paul’s daughters join the company. As true shoes experts, always looking for the best and most beautiful leather work artisans, they want to change Sartore’s brand identity into a more modern style, influenced by the Italian ‘La Dolce Vita’. It was a booming time for ready-to-wear pieces and by creating a new way of wearing shoes, Sartore evolved in the brand we know today. The manufacturing was moved to Italy but is still faithful to its traditional French manufacturing process; unique techniques originally invented by Paul Sartore while using the most precious materials and an ultimate sign of authenticity. 

As a brand that produces handmade pieces with luxurious materials, Sartore embodies more than just a trend; it embodies a real spirit, with attitude and a philosophy. All it needs is the detail of a buckle, the mix of materials and the combination of neutral and flashy colors to turn a shoe into a real classic and an icon of its time. The brand addresses modern, strong and free women, always active and reactive to the world around them. Trends and movements pass, Sartore remains.

Sartore by Pauw Amsterdam

The Sartore collection at Pauw features precious fits, crafted in the most beautiful leather. Every shoe highlights accents of their French heritage; from the low ankle boots in smooth leather and soft suede, to western-influenced high boots. Discover the timeless and elegant collection in our Pauw stores or online at

Behind the Brand: Sartore

For our section 'Behind the Brand', we spoke to the second generation of Sartore, the sisters Catherine and Françoise Sartore, about the cooperation within their family business, their favorite style icons of all time and the artistic design and production process of the boots. Read the interview here.

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