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  • feminine 
  • minimalistic
  • from italy

Antonelli Firenze is characterized by delicate fabrics and materials in refreshing combinations creating the perfect cut. Minimalism and simplicity define the designs of this Italian brand which was founded at the beginning of this new millennium. 

Its history takes us back to the early fifties, in Florence, where Luciano Antonelli launched a lingerie line called Vicad. The same factory still produces the collection of Antonelli Firenze today. Luciano’s daughters, Enrica and Roberta, take over the company wheel in 2001 ... read more and launch their first collection of couture shirts. They immediately book success in the fashion world. Their designs are characteristic in their simplicity and features feminine Italian influences in delicate fabrics.

The next step for the two women is to design a complete collection which naturally leads to the start of Antonelli Firenze. Pieces, crafted in Italy by the most luxurious fabrics, and shapes in a classic feminine silhouettes are the foundation for this fashion brand. The production is still based in the heart of Florence but Antolli has grown internationally with more than 500 selling points worldwide. 

Antonelli by Pauw Amsterdam

Pauw truly believes in the foundation of Antonelli Firenze and sees it as a dignified addition to the current, exclusive brand portfolio. The dresses and shirts are perfect for formal occasions and immediately add style and comfort to your outfit.

Antonelli Autumn/Winter 2021 collection

The autumn/winter collection by Antonelli features classic and comfortable designs in delicate materials such as cotton, silk and wool. The latest collection emphasises elegant blouses, soft knitwear and fluid pants, supplemented with innovative silhouettes. Take a look at the collection online in our webshop or visit one of our stores. 


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  1. Antonelli
    Cotton midi skirt
    As low as US$322
  2. Antonelli
    Fluid blouse in silk blend
    As low as US$274
  3. Antonelli
    Silk shirt with collar
    As low as US$251
  4. Antonelli
    Supple kimono with belt
    As low as US$345
  5. Antonelli
    Fluid blouse in silk blend
    As low as US$274
  6. Antonelli
    Silk blend V-neck top
    As low as US$176 Regular Price US$293
  7. Antonelli
    Fluid blouse in silk blend
    As low as US$298
  8. Antonelli
    Blouse in silk blend
    As low as US$298
  9. Antonelli
    Wool-silk turtleneck sweater
    As low as US$388
  10. Antonelli
    Knitted wool-cashmere pants
    As low as US$261 Regular Price US$374
  11. Antonelli
    Wide leg tailored pants
    As low as US$350
  12. Antonelli
    Wool turtleneck sweater
    As low as US$232
  13. Antonelli
    Wool-silk hoodie
    As low as US$359
  14. Antonelli
    Wool-silk trousers
    As low as US$369
  15. Antonelli
    Belted jacket in wool blend
    As low as US$393
  16. Antonelli
    Knitted wool-cashmere pants
    As low as US$374
  17. Antonelli
    Fake fur leopard coat
    As low as US$847
  18. Antonelli
    Woollen trousers
    As low as US$260
45 Products
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