About the brand

  • founded in 1969
  • understated, yet luxurious designs
  • great outerwear

With a leopard print shirt for men as its first produced item, Aspesi was founded in 1969 by Alberto Aspesi. At that moment the fashion industry started focusing on different materials, which offered brands new horizons to explore. For Aspesi, one of these horizons was the durability of garments: the label started producing pieces that were not only beautiful, but also wearable and functional, for both men and women.... read more 

Alberto Aspesi always has had a specific idea of beauty: “Something beautiful is just beautiful. […] An object is beautiful if it makes you feel an emotion.” This vision can be seen in every Aspesi collection, featuring luxury casual wear with an extending focus to high-tech materials. To design its timeless classics, a constant and rigorous textile research is performed; not only to find innovative and specific materials, but also surprising prints.

To this day, Aspesi remains faithful to its minimalistic, sophisticated and timeless approach. The brand is all about minimalistic designs, but that does not mean simplistic. The Aspesi collection at Pauw Amsterdam represents a selection with comfortable basics of the best qualities and sophisticated silhouettes in unique prints.

For the Autumn/Winter 2019-2020 collection, a playful color palette has been added to our selection, with silk pleated skirts, long dresses in wool and velvet wide leg trousers. Luxurious materials in loose silhouettes that, however, do not lose their feminine touch.

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  1. Aspesi
    Wool cardigan with hoodie
    As low as US$283
  2. Aspesi
    Wide-leg cropped trousers in wool
    As low as US$488
  3. Aspesi
    Mao-neck denim shirt
    As low as US$232
  4. Aspesi
    High-rise trousers 'Cady'
    As low as US$319
  5. Aspesi
    Silk midi skirt with pleats
    As low as US$538
  6. Aspesi
    Silk blouse in leopard print
    As low as US$438
  7. Aspesi
    Cicerchiata winter coat
    As low as US$588
  8. Aspesi
    Wide leg trousers in wool
    As low as US$424
  9. Aspesi
    Midi pleated skirt in silk
    As low as US$716
  10. Aspesi
    Cotton shirt with stripes
    As low as US$255
  11. Aspesi
    Silk blouse with v-neck in print
    As low as US$383
  12. Aspesi
    Thermore jacket with buttons
    As low as US$205
  13. Aspesi
    Silk Shirt with Print
    As low as US$374
  14. Aspesi
    Silk Shirt with Print
    As low as US$374
  15. Aspesi
    Silk blouse in leopard print
    As low as US$438
77 Products
Set Descending Direction