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You may know Anouk Yve from her stunning Instagram account: @anoukyve. Anouk (35) lives in the north of the Netherlands with her boyfriend and two children (2 and 3), after living abroad for six years: in London, Stockholm, Copenhagen and California). Her followers on Instagram share her passion for fashion, design, art and interior, and besides her inspiring role on social media, she is a strategic brand consultant for various brands. In her spare time, she is learning how to become a ceramicist.

We asked her about her style, her thoughts on investment-pieces and her favourite items from the Pauw Amsterdam collection. 

How would you describe your style? 
"My style is minimalistic and feminine. The majority of my wardrobe consists of quality pieces and playful accessories. I would describe my style as casual with a chic twist, timeless and less fashion-related."

What is your favourite Pauw icon? 
"Absolutely the double face cashmere coat; you can wear this piece throughout the whole year. This coat always makes you look dressed; it literally breathes style."

How do you combine the double face cashmere coat? 

"The coat is a piece that you can always wear. It looks stunning in combination with jeans, sneakers and a cashmere sweater (ton-sur-ton), but also over a full black outfit with high heels for a dinner date."

ailanto ailanto

"The double face cashmere coat always makes you look dressed; it literally breathes style."

ailanto collection ailanto collection

What do you keep in mind when you buy new clothes? 
"Fabric is very important, as is quality. I would rather invest in timeless pieces that can remain in your wardrobe for years."

In which item should everyone invest?

"In a transseasonal coat or blazer. Both of them are musthaves for every woman's wardrobe. Oh, and a cashmere sweater. I travel a lot and I always bring a cashmere sweater to keep me warm during flights."

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