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  • footwear
  • utilitarian design
  • Italian quality

Common Projects was launched in 2004 and established by art director Mr. Prathan Poopat and creative consultant Mr. Flavio Girolami. They have been friends for years and with their desire to design the perfect sneakers, Common Projects was born. In the beginning it was quite challenging to work together since Poopat was living in New York and Girolami was based in Italy. They managed to bring the best of both worlds together in their designs; the modern utilitarian designs with Italian standards in quality and constructions, resulting in sleek, minimalistic and especially fresh footwear. The Common Projects designs are inspired by the lines and shapes of everyday projects. ... read more 

Since the launch, the designs have garnered many luxury sneaker fans, making the brand a cult-favorite among the fashion crowd around the world. There is no other option when it comes to high quality sneakers, which are all made in Italy using the finest leather, highest-quality canvas and materials. The shoes are all hand stitched to the sole and the quality gets even better over the years, which is also the reason why they have been awarded more than once for 'Best Sneakers' by GQ magazine.

Since the brand has been around they create classic and comfortable designs with a true cult status. Characteristic for the shoes is the golden stamp on the heel, signifying style and size. Other than that, the designers want to offer a blank canvas without screaming logo's so the wearer can create their own identity. The most popular style is the 'Achilles', an inimitable design.

Common Projects by Pauw Amsterdam

Pauw offers the finest collection of Common Projects latest designs every season. Designs such as, Original Achilles Low sneakers, Bbal low sneakers and Chelsea boots are available at Pauw. Besides the Common Projects women's collection, Pauw also offers a wide variety of men's footwear from the brand. 

Find the collection for men and women online or in one of our stores.

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    Suede Chelsea Boots
    As low as US$453
6 Products
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