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It’s been a while since we spoke to Angelika, co-founder of an an londree, about the story behind her brand. A lot has happened over the past year, so we asked her how she’s doing, where she finds inspiration nowadays and how she stays focused, commuting between her home office and studio.


an an londree spring/summer 2021

It has been a while since we last spoke. How are you doing?

Has it been that long? It feels like the other day... Has it already been a year? I've completely lost track of time. But yeah, I'm fine and very grateful for that.

A lot has changed over the past year. How has this influenced your daily routine?

I live spontaneously since it’s challenging to know what will actually be feasible in the coming week. My daily routine changes almost weekly. Some weeks include virtual home schooling, while others bring in-person-schooling with reduced hours. Never before have I set my alarm clock so many times.

I actually forget which day of the week it is, too. But I always look forward to the moments when I can work. Then I forget everything around me. The nice thing, however, is that my husband is home a lot now and he cooks wonderful meals for the family.

Did you find new ways to get inspired?

That's a good question, especially since I, or we, have always collected ideas while travelling over the years. That has now been completely eliminated. So now you have to go through life with open eyes more than ever and take inspiration from whatever is possible. I refuse to only get information from the Internet. Inspiration can be anything: people (when I see them), art, random colour combinations that jump out to me in everyday life (for example a vase on the tablecloth or a heap of coloured laundry in the laundry basket). Andrea and I feed each other with inspiration. And so, one thing leads to another.

"These days you have to go through life with open eyes more than ever and take inspiration from whatever is possible."

How do you stay focused?

I constantly switch between my home office and work place. At home I tend to do creative things while in the studio I do many of the remaining to do’s that arise. It’s a balance that works quite well. But it is the regular exchange with Andrea that helps me not to lose focus.

Do you have a favourite collector’s item/artwork at your home or at the office? If so, why is it special to you?

I love art. And most of all, I love paintings. Materials and colour textures fascinate me. Over the years I’ve accumulated a few pictures. There is one picture I love particularly: it's from Nicola Samori and I bought it with my husband in Turin a few years ago. My favourite gallery is MONITOR in Rome.


The view in Angelika's home office

What do you enjoy wearing most on your day off?

Even on days off, I prefer to wear our an an londree raglan blouse. I have no other piece of clothing in so many colours and prints as this blouse style.

What style advice would you give to people who are working from home?

In order to not completely lose yourself, you should dress in the morning so that you look appropriate for receiving visitors. So, get out of your pyjamas and dress clean and fresh. Wider, casual silhouettes look good and are comfortable even when you are seated for a long time. Too many days in the same ‘dirty clothes’ gives off a depressed feeling. I dress for my soul every morning. It's good for me and helps to keep me happy..

"I dress for my soul every morning."


What do you think when you see someone wearing a design from your hand?

Every time I think to myself: "Angelika, don't stare so long... you will surely be noticed!”

How do you like to combine your an an londree dress or skirt?

In winter, our dresses look wonderful with great cardigans. I've also seen great combinations with sweaters. In summer, I wear wide trench coats with them. Wonderful. I love mixing skirts with blouses in other patterns, but a simple T-shirt or sweater also looks great with them.

Do you have a favourite print in the an an londree spring/summer 2021 collection?

That’s a very difficult question for me. I've been working with these colours and designs for too long and my mind changes from week to week. At the moment I prefer to wear the powder red print.

When we spoke in the beginning of 2020, you mentioned you were building a new water-cleaning system at your printing location to recycle and reuse the water used for washing the silk – which is great! Has this project been successful?

Oh yes, everything is finished and in full swing. The water can be recycled and reused after every wash.

Could you describe your working process (do you play a specific type of music, are you surrounded by people or rather by yourself)?

I work alone most of the time. When I see someone, it's Andrea. Most of the time, it's actually quiet around me. I enjoy the silence. I only get disturbed by the occasional call and mail delivery. In general, it’s totally unglamorous.


"Most of the time, it's actually quiet around me. I enjoy the silence. I only get disturbed by the occasional call and mail delivery. In general, it’s totally unglamorous."

What is your ultimate way to relax while having your own business?

I have the most relaxed business partner and that relaxes me. Otherwise, I relax with sports or by sharing a wonderful dinner with my husband.

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