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Finamore was founded by Caroline in 1925 – therefore the brand’s name is officially called Finamore 1925. Caroline decided to set up her first workshop in the historical centre of Naples. Her starting point was to follow the Neapolitan’s tailoring guidelines – and she started sewing shirts for a select number of customers....Read more

These guidelines and skills were passed on to her son Alberto and his wife, Stefania. In the 1960s, they opened their first large workshop in San Giorgio a Cremano, a town near Naples. Alberto having a strong sense of doing business and his wife growing up in this business turned the workshop into a successful and essential company for hand-made shirts. Nowadays the fourth generation of the Finamore family is leading the company. The company has extended in terms of product groups – it offers shirts, structured jackets, ties and accessories.

Finamore shirts are defined by traditional and manual workmanship – Neapolitan tailoring – and the constant research – intertwining threads when sewing the buttonholes and the beauty of the “half stitch” on the shoulder. The shirts are still sewn according to the rules of the past when machines did not exist and it was sewn by hand to give the right reinforcement to the most delicate points such as buttonholes and sleeves. The armhole is sewn by hand to give the shirt that special touch that gives the garment softness and ideal fit. The neck is attached by hand to give the right grace to the shirt when it is worn, while the special "wrinkles" on the sleeve are a special aspect of the sartorial garment. The fabrics used come from Italy or Switzerland, which are known for the best textures. The third generation has been able to boost its quality, not only by using the best quality fabrics, but by transforming the classic product into a revisited product.

At Pauw Mannen we offer a big selection of Finamore shirts made of fine cotton, jersey cotton, denim cotton, linen, and cotton-linen and cotton-cashmere blends. Those are divided into one colour, striped, checked shirts. Those are mostly dress shirts with single and double cuffs, but also some more casual shirts such as denim, jersey cotton, and corduroy shirts, and the button-down shirt to give an extra layer. Every season Pauw Mannen offers a carefully curated selection of white shirts which will complement any wardrobe.

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