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  1. Finamore
    Checked Esclusiva Shirt
    As low as US$295 Regular Price US$589
  2. Cesare Attolini
    Pique Shirt
    As low as US$248 Regular Price US$354
  3. Cesare Attolini
    Single Cuff Shirt
    As low as US$292 Regular Price US$486
  4. Cesare Attolini
    Positano Linen Shirt
    As low as US$309 Regular Price US$516
  5. Cesare Attolini
    Positano Linen Shirt
    As low as US$309 Regular Price US$516
  6. Sartoria Avino
    Denim Shirt
    As low as US$324
  7. Sartoria Avino
    Linen Dress Shirt
    As low as US$303 Regular Price US$432
  8. Sartoria Avino
    Business Shirt
    As low as US$179 Regular Price US$255
  9. Pauw Mannen
    Stripe Shirt
    As low as US$115 Regular Price US$231
  10. 100 Hands
    Cotton Shirt
    As low as US$274
  11. Loro Piana
    Andrew Shirt

    offline only

  12. Sartoria Avino
    Checked Shirt
    As low as US$246
  13. Sartoria Avino
    Summer Dress Shirt
    As low as US$303 Regular Price US$432
  14. 100 Hands
    Pique shirt
    As low as US$274
  15. Finamore
    Dress Shirt
    As low as US$324
296 Products
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At Pauw Mannen we offer a big selection of shirts for men – it is one of the main ingredients to a man’s outfit. In this wide collection we distinct dress from casual, and our focus lies on dress shirts. We categorize these by the following criteria; the raw material used, the way it is woven, the patterns, the fit and the features it has. Most of our shirts are made of cotton, but we also have shirts made of linen, or a blend of cotton and linen. Various shirts are completely made of cotton, but look differently, as these are woven differently – for example into a twill, pique, herringbone, or jersey weave. Most of our shirts are made in a single colour only – mostly being white shirts and light blue shirts. The dominant patterns offered are checked and striped in different widths. The shirts can be exactly fit your body so that you can wear something fitted on top, or can be more loosely fitted for a more casual look. We deliver shirts with both single and double cuffs, different collars, button-down, and shirts with horn buttons and same colour buttons as the shirt.

Our community of shirt specialists is a small group including 100 Hands, Alanui, Aspesi, Cesare Attolini, Doriani Cashmere, Finamore, Glanshirt, Kiton, Loro Piana and Sartoria Avino. All shirts are made in Italy – except those of 100 Hands – those are made in India. 100 Hands offers a wide range of shirts – linen and denim overshirts, button-down striped shirts, denim shirts, linen and pique shirts, flannel shirts, and dress shirts. Alanui and Aspesi both exceed in its casual shirts collection. Cesare Attolini offers luxurious dress shirts, pique shirts, and shirts especially made for summer in cotton linen blends, while Doriani Cashmere delivers casual pique shirts. Finamore is a specialist in all shirts which can be seen by our selected collection which varies from single to double cuff shirts, linen shirts to dress shirts, checked to striped shirts, and business shirts to denim shirts. Glanshirt focuses on pique, linen and denim shirts, while Kiton ultimately focuses on luxurious dress shirts, either made of satin jersey, cotton twill, or denim and woven into checked or striped patterns. Loro Piana has a more casual approach towards shirts, delivering linen and pique shirts. Sartoria Avino offers classic dress shirts, cotton pique shirts, button-down shirts, herringbone shirts, and denim shirts.

The shirt is a garment that can be worn on its own, or layered by wearing a t-shirt and a dress or casual jacket, cardigan, or sweater. For a total dress look it can be matched with an under t-shirt by Mey Story, a dress Cesare Attolini suit, an Andrea d’Amico crocodile leather belt, and handcrafted Bontoni shoes. For a more casual look it can be complemented by a knitted sweater by Zanone or a knitted jacket by D by D, and cotton or wool chinos by Incotex.