Orazio Luciano

About the brand

  • fully handmade
  • true neapolitan tailoring
  • jackets, suits and coats

Orazio Luciano has been founded in 1992 by Orazio Luciano – after working for Kiton with great dedication. Not long after, his son Pino Luciano has joined the sartoria and has taken it to a next level – the international level, a dream come true for Orazio, as he had mainly worked with Italian clients....Read more

The full name of the house is Orazio Luciano – La Vera Sartoria Napoletana, meaning “The real Neapolitan tailoring” is not for no reason as they rely on the Neapolitan art of tailoring, but more importantly; they strive for the perfect fit – to deliver a product that feels like a second skin, that has always been their main prototype. Keynotes of the brand are refined classicism and a touch of technical virtuosity – which is literally translated into the garments they make. The collars never leave the neck, armholes are made quite high, and there is a certain sense of unrestricted ease, comfort and masculine refinement. Orazio Luciano has completely specialized itself in the jacket – and more specifically – the unstructured, soft constructed jacket. Characteristics of this jacket are a wider lapel, hand-sewn buttonholes, the Neapolitan breast pocket, and the typical shirt shoulders and having no padding – which makes it very light. The fit of the jacket causes the shoulders to be perfectly emphasized and the waist flattened. The whole process of making one suit takes about 25 hours to make. A precious part of the story is that they mainly use vintage fabrics, as they find them crispier and the pattern more unique. The size and operations of the sartoria is between a bigger production site like Kiton and a small sartoria.

At Pauw Mannen we offer what Orazio Luciano excels at – the unstructured jackets, and is complemented by pants, suits, coats, and pocket squares. We offer classic blue tones made of wool and cashmere, summer linen jackets in light colours, herringbone woven and ribcord jackets in green and beige. Complemented by raincoats which are clear in shape and produced in common but strong colours blue and green grey and by playful differentiating pocket squares.

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