100 Hands

About the brand

  • India
  • made by hand
  • 1.5 days to make one shirt

100 Hands is a brand that has specialised itself in creating shirts only – a complete focus on one product and is run by Akshat and Varvara. The headquarters are located in Amsterdam, while the production takes place in Amritsar, in India, which is controlled by Akshat’s brother. The textile family business focuses on spinning cotton for six generations already in India. The core of business is trading yarn, more than spinning it. The shirt making operation in Amritsar was existent but small, and therefore Akshat and Varvara, who have worked in IT and Finance before, focus on shirt making in Amritsar. Today it has grown into a company of 140 employees and the production site has moved to the countryside nearby Amritsar....Read more Of those employees, 40% are men and 60% are women, which is interesting considering the number of women is dominant when it comes to sewing at production sites in Europe. Besides very experienced people, they have many trainees who are offered education as well. The conditions of the factory are similar at for example Kiton – being paid well, and focusing on communal principles – having a good life outside of work as well. The assumption of producing cheaply because it is produced in India – is therefore denied, and not to forget that the finest embroidery comes from India.

Their aim is continuous – to serve a circle of friends and few who value quality and traditional craftmanship. It takes 1.5 days to make one shirt by the 100 hands of the artisans – that is where the name has come from. They characterize themselves by their craftmanship – which is the soul of their shirts as they say, by producing handcrafted shirts using traditional methods which have passed on generation to generation, over more than 100 years. They only make 55 shirts a day – with great dedication – a big difference in comparison to a ‘normal factory’ producing 2000 a day.

A 100 Hands shirt is defined by its handmade patterns, hand matched patterns, hand sewn sleeves, hand sewn Australian Mother of Pearl buttons, invisible stitching with 25 stitches per inch, one of a kind hand sewn buttonholes, individually hand cut per shirt, hand sewn collar and cuff, hand (un)fused collar and cuffs, fine 2 to 3 mm French single seams. So the whole process is handcrafted – but they are most proud of the level of precision they put into each shirt.

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  1. 100 Hands
    Cotton Shirt
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  2. 100 Hands
    Cotton Casual Shirt
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    Linen Shirt
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    Traveller Dress Shirt
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  9. 100 Hands
    Cotton Shirt
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  10. 100 Hands
    Cotton Shirt
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  11. 100 Hands
    Wool Linen Jacket
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  12. 100 Hands
    Pique shirt
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  13. 100 Hands
    Pique Shirt
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    Denim Jacket
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  15. 100 Hands
    Denim Shirt
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36 Products
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