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  1. Cesare Attolini
    Checked Cashmere Jacket
    As low as US$2,837 Regular Price US$4,054
  2. Cesare Attolini
    Halflined Checked Jacket
    As low as US$2,683 Regular Price US$3,833
  3. Cesare Attolini
    Check Jacket
    As low as US$2,043 Regular Price US$3,405
  4. Cesare Attolini
    Linen Jacket
    As low as US$2,043 Regular Price US$3,405
  5. Brioni
    Silk Virgilio Jacket
    As low as US$4,029
  6. 100 Hands
    Denim Overshirt
    As low as US$388
  7. Cesare Attolini
    Wool Linen Jacket
    As low as US$3,341
  8. Stile Latino
    Linen Mix Jacket
    As low as US$1,238 Regular Price US$2,064
  9. D by D
    Knitted Jacket
    As low as US$585
  10. 100 Hands
    Wool Linen Jacket
    As low as US$880
  11. Cesare Attolini
    Silk Wool Jacket
    As low as US$3,636
  12. Caruso
    Wool Aida Jacket
    As low as US$1,278
  13. D by D
    Checked Knitted Jacket
    As low as US$698
  14. Stile Latino
    Silk Mix Jacket
    As low as US$1,012 Regular Price US$2,024
  15. Montedoro
    Knitted Jacket
    As low as US$413 Regular Price US$688
104 Products
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The jacket is the garment in between the other garments – the garment between the t-shirt or shirt and the coat. Jackets are defined by being lined, unlined, or unconstructed, having patched pockets, welt pockets, slit pockets or no pockets, having a 2,5 or 3 button closure, or a one sided or double sided zipper, having single, double or no vents, and the kind of lapel.

We offer dress and casual jackets for men – in which dress jackets are the majority of the whole collection. Our jackets are provided by 100 Hands, Aspesi, Brioni, Caruso, Cesare Attolini, D by D, Harris Wharf London, Kiton, Loro Piana, Orazio Luciano, and Veilance.

100 Hands focuses on casual jackets – one with patched pockets, made of linen, cotton, denim, and wool. Aspesi offers an unlined shirt jacket, a cotton shirt jacket and a down jacket shirt, serving for all your casual occasions. Brioni offers dress jackets, crafted in wool and in silk, and lined and unlined jackets. Caruso’s dress jackets are easy to recognize: the jackets have patched pockets, are half lined and are mostly made of wool. Cesare Attolini offers classic blue dress jackets and distinguishing patterned Neapolitan jackets made of linen, wool and cashmere, which are perfect for your day at the office. The tenue de ville blazers are perfect for events like weddings. D by D’s jackets are characterized by being knitted, its patched pockets, and its unique waffle texture. Harris Wharf London’s jackets are crafted in boiled wool, which gives the jacket a solid form, featuring patched pockets. Kiton focuses on unique patterns such as checked and houndstooth and on fine exclusive materials such as suede and cashmere. Loro Piana offers sweater jackets which is comfortable and elegant, and a luxurious leather overshirt. Montedoro focuses on the casual yet technical jacket. Orazio Luciano offers the classic dress blazer for men made in hopsack, herringbone, ribcord and wool, cashmere and silk blends. Veilance is known for its insulated coats – providing you warmth and protecting you from wind, rain, and snow. The casual jackets are similar to the coats, only cut into a functional overshirt, including pockets for valuables, ideally for your weekend walk through the woods. This jacket, like other casual jackets, can be used as a coat, especially during spring and summer.

The main colour of the jackets offered at Pauw Mannen is blue – mostly powerful dark blue, for dress as well as casual jackets. Lighter blue jackets are cut into lightweight spring and summer jackets. Blue is complemented by nature green, brown, light beige and grey.