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  • rome
  • 7,000 hidden stitches in one suit
  • 1945

In 1945, tailor Nazareno Fonticolo opened a small boutique on Via Barberini in Rome. It was named after the luxurious Brionian Islands (then part of Italy, now Croatia), in the northern Adriatic Sea off the coast of Italy. Like many Italian tailors at that time, they leaned heavily on British tailoring, the sovereign style of that more While Savile Row tailors were making heavily structured, military-inspired suits with strong shoulders and stiff canvassing, their Italian counterparts found that it was not suitable for the Mediterranean lifestyle. In Naples, Cesare Attolini crafted unstructured lightweight suits. In Rome, where Brioni was born, the style evolved more subtly. The English style was made comfortable, without losing too much of the British design.

Leading Roman tailoring, the brand decided to host the first ever men’s fashion show in 1952. In 1959 its atelier opened in Penne, and has grown into the high-end tailoring leader as it is known nowadays while maintaining its trademark of handmade quality.

Brioni opened a tailoring school in Penne in order to maintain the level of craftsmanship, accepting 16 new students every four years. Later, brands like Kiton have followed Brioni’s example of opening schools to transmit the knowledge, heritage and skills on to the next generation.

The brand is committed to supreme quality and to being timeless. Over 1000 tailors are responsible for its production, who are all specialized in specific steps in the manufacturing process, which are all controlled so no defects occur in the pieces, sticking to its standards of perfection. It takes 24 hours to develop a suit, including 220 steps with more than 7,000 hidden stitches – of which most is done by hand. Most of these stitches cannot be seen – while these provide the jacket’s perfect fit – as these are hidden into the construction of the suit. But some parts are intentionally visible, such as hand-sewn buttonholes. The suit speaks for itself and breathes quality, molding the silhouette with unconditional precision.

In late 2011, Brioni was taken over by the Kering Group, which was an unexpected step as the business was owned by one family for generations. Nevertheless, the quality and business as a whole remained the same, producing the same luxury as they had already done for decades. Currently worn by Brad Pitt, Drake, Tom Cruise, Virgil van Dijk, Pierce Brosnan, Dwayne Johnson.

Brioni by Pauw

At Pauw we sell Brioni’s suits, dress and casual coats, a variety of knits, bags, a jacket and a selection of silk ties.

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  1. Brioni
    Wool Cashmere Zip Knit
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  2. Brioni
    D-Frame sunglasses
    As low as US$506
  3. Brioni
    Cashmere Jacket
    As low as US$3,987
  4. Brioni
    Cashmere-silk turtleneck
    As low as US$1,832
  5. Brioni
    Twill trousers
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  6. Brioni
    Zante Trousers
    As low as US$916
  7. Brioni
    Eau de Parfum Intense
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  8. Brioni
    Wool cashmere bodywarmer
    As low as US$1,832
  9. Brioni
    Wool Cashmere Overshirt
    As low as US$2,909
  10. Brioni
    Wool cashmere crewneck
    As low as US$851
  11. Brioni
    Cashmere Overshirt
    As low as US$3,771
  12. Brioni
    Padded travel jacket
    As low as US$4,418
  13. Brioni
    Eau de Parfum
    As low as US$119
  14. Brioni
    Twill trousers
    As low as US$1,078
  15. Brioni
    Wool Sweater
    As low as US$636
  16. Brioni
    Luxurious Blouson
    As low as US$2,371
  17. Brioni
    Silk Tie
    As low as US$97 Regular Price US$194
  18. Brioni
    Wool Sweater
    As low as US$636
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