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  1. Cesare Attolini
    Business Suit
    As low as €3,884
  2. Kiton
    Wool Suit
    As low as €3,826
  3. Cesare Attolini
    S180 Wool Suit
    As low as €3,967
  4. Cesare Attolini
    Wool S180 Suit
    As low as €4,132
  5. Caruso
    Wool Aida Suit
    As low as €1,322
  6. Cesare Attolini
    Wool Linen Suit
    As low as €3,636
  7. Cesare Attolini
    S150 Wool Suit
    As low as €3,884
  8. Cesare Attolini
    S150 Wool Suit
    As low as €3,884
  9. Cesare Attolini
    Wool Suit
    As low as €3,636
  10. Cesare Attolini
    S160 Wool Cashmere Suit
    As low as €3,988
  11. Cesare Attolini
    Wool Cashmere Suit
    As low as €3,554
  12. Caruso
    S150 Wool Flannel Suit
    As low as €1,322
  13. Orazio Luciano
    Solaro Wool Suit
    As low as €2,231
  14. Orazio Luciano
    Wool Suit
    As low as €2,231
  15. Caruso
    Wool Peak Lapel Tuxedo
    As low as €1,591
  16. Caruso
    Sharkskin Wool Silk Suit
    As low as €1,178
  17. Caruso
    Pinstripe Suit
    As low as €1,074
  18. Caruso
    S150 Wool Flannel Suit
    As low as €1,322
20 Products
Set Descending Direction

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Suits for men belong to one of our specializations: we work together with a small group of high quality tailors: Brioni, Caruso, Cesare Attolini, Kiton and Orazio Luciano. These tailors are the connoisseurs of true craftsmanship. With our long years of deep knowledge and experience we can offer you the best advise on which suit will suit you best. We offer 2-piece suits, 3-piece suits and smokings at Pauw.

The suits are crafted in different kinds of wool: Solaro wool, S150, S160, S180 wool, wool linen blend, wool cashmere blend, wool-silk blend and cotton and linen cotton blend. Woven into a sharkskin, herringbone, or birdseye weave. The jacket is defined by its features. The blazers can be lined, unlined and unconstructed. The jacket can have a 2,5 or 3 button closure, have notched lapels or peaked lapels. It can have patched pockets, welt pockets, and flap pockets and have a single, double or no vents. Trousers of suits normally feature side pockets on the front and welt pockets on the back. Some trousers feature side adjusters and the hem of the trousers should be finished at the tailor.

These suits are perfect for days at the office, for dinners at the restaurant and at weddings. Tenue de ville is a dress code which is applied regularly when it comes to weddings: it is a formal dress code, but not too formal. Another dress code is summer chic – this involves suits in lighter colours like beige and light blue. Suits are complemented by single or double cuff shirts, dress shoes, suede and crocodile leather belts, pocket squares and ties.

Brioni’s Brunico S160 wool suit is a single breasted suit with a regular comfortable fit. The Aida suit belongs to Caruso’s classics. Moreover, Caruso offers a S150 wool flannel suit, a pinstripe suit, a sharkskin wool silk suit, and a wool peak lapel tuxedo. Cesare Attolini has pure wool suits, wool blend suits, a checked suit, a linen cotton suit, a peak lapel smoking, Orazio Luciano is the master of a classic navy blue suit – a single breasted lined jacket with flap pockets, and a 2,5 button closure.

Our suits for men at Pauw Mannen are mostly cut in powerful navy blue. The navy suits are complemented by green suits, grey suits, and tuxedos. The differentiating ones are the light blue suit and a rust brown suit. All suits have one single colour – except two suits, one has a pinstripe and the other one is checked. Pair suits with a single or double cuff shirt by Finamore, handcrafted Bontoni or Saint Crispin’s shoes, pocket square by Brioni, and a tie by Kiton.

Apart from our current collection, it is possible to made to measure a suit. We have a wide-ranging collection of different fabrics, weaves and patterns to choose from. We welcome you in one of our Pauw Mannen stores to help you further with a tailor-made suit.