236 Products
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  1. Richard J. Brown
    Tokyo Wool Trousers
    As low as €470
  2. Kiton
    Luxury Cotton Chinos
    As low as €765
  3. Incotex Slacks
    Cotton Trousers
    As low as €340
  4. Jacob Cohën
    5P Comfort Denim
    As low as €445
  5. Cesare Attolini
    Wool Trousers
    As low as €1,100
  6. Incotex
    Wool Trousers
    As low as €385
  7. Lamano Artisans
    Wool Cashmere Trousers
    As low as €690
  8. Kiton
    Luxury Cotton Chinos
    As low as €765
  9. Jacob Cohën
    J622 5P Jeans
    As low as €380
  10. Kiton
    Luxury Cotton Chinos
    As low as €765
  11. Citizens of Humanity Men
    Adler Jeans
    As low as €335
  12. Richard J. Brown
    Tokyo Jeans
    As low as €340
  13. Incotex Slacks
    Cotton Trousers
    As low as €270
  14. Incotex
    S120 Flannel Trousers
    As low as €350
  15. Jacob Cohën
    Nick 5P Denim
    As low as €390
236 Products
Set Descending Direction

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At Pauw Mannen we offer a diverse collection of trousers for men. This collection is divided into the categories dress, casual, denim and shorts. We represent the following trousers’ brands: Aspesi, Brioni, Cesare Attolini, Citizens of Humanity, Doriani Cashmere, Incotex, Incotex Slacks, Jacob Cohën, Loro Piana, Mey Story, Orlebar Brown, Reigning Champ, Richard J. Brown, Veilance, and Philipe George. The trousers are mostly made in blue and denim, and is complemented by the colours grey, different tones of white and beige, green, brown and black. The materials used in this collection of trousers are cotton, cotton-cashmere blends, wool, linen, linen-cotton blends, and denim – which is mostly cotton and a bit of elastan.

Aspesi offers comfy sweatpants with pockets and drawstring cords, and linen shorts which are perfect for summer. Brioni offers dress trousers – to match with a shirt and a jacket, but also cotton-cashmere shorts, cashmere-silk and wool sweatpants, jeans and wool trousers with an elastic band and drawstring cords. Cesare Attolini excels at crafting the perfect dress trousers, either made of cotton, linen, or wool. All with side adjusters, and some with one or two pleats on the front. Sartorial trousers are either flat front, pleated; with 1 pleat or 2 pleats. Featuring welted pockets, no belt loops, zip fly, button fly, turn-ups, and hand-stitched details. Citizens of Humanity is a master of creating 5 pocket jeans, and we offer a collection of dark toned jeans. Doriani Cashmere offers jersey and wool sweatpants which are perfect for leisure time. Incotex and Incotex Slacks are specialized in making cotton trousers – cotton chinos more specifically. Next to cotton chinos Incotex also offers urban trousers, wool dress trousers, and shorts for men.

Jacob Cohën is known for its focus on luxury denim, offering J622 Comfort Jeans and the Bobby Comfort Cotton Chinos. Apart from different blue, grey and black washes of denim, Jacob Cohën offers white, beige and grey denim and different chinos. Loro Piana supplies unique summer shorts made of linen and Leisure City trousers and City One Pince denim trousers. Mey Story concentrates on ultimate comfort – offering cotton track shorts and cotton blend track pants. Orlebar Brown presents perfect summer shorts: Standard Chambray shorts, towelling shorts, Bulldog cotton shorts, and Norwich linen shorts. Reigning Champ focuses on garments for relaxation: sweatshorts Midweight Terry, Slim Terry Sweatpants, Slim Sweatpants Tiger Fleece, Nylon Shorts, and sweatshorts Midweight Terry. Richard J. Brown views jeans as a sartorial garment – and finished its back pockets with the brand’s iconic hand stitching. The Tokyo Jeans come in different washes and in tonal colours. Veilance offers technical shorts – the Secant Comp Shorts – perfect during summer for a hike or relaxing. Philipe George is new in our brand portfolio, focusing on Handmade Italian jeans, including the Grand Cru jeans and Broken jeans.

Match jeans with a lightweight knit by Zanone and Common Projects sneakers. Combine dress trousers with a shirt by Finamore, a jacket by Cesare Attolini and shoes by Saint Crispin’s.