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  1. Veilance
    Monitor Down Coat
    As low as US$1,536
  2. Harris Wharf London
    Cashmere Boxy Coat
    As low as US$2,016
  3. Doriani Cashmere
    Polo Coat
    As low as US$1,901
  4. Veilance
    Monitor Down Coat
    As low as US$1,440
  5. Veilance
    Monitor Down TW Coat
    As low as US$1,440
  6. Moorer
    Oliver-L Bodywarmer
    As low as US$696
  7. Valstar
    Suede Varsity Jacket
    As low as US$1,243
  8. Ten-C
    Sniper Parka
    As low as US$1,224
  9. Valstar
    Suede Field Jacket
    As low as US$1,493
  10. Veilance
    Range IS Jacket
    As low as US$960
  11. Moorer
    Zayn Coat
    As low as US$1,565
  12. Orazio Luciano
    Wool Coat
    As low as US$3,456
  13. Loro Piana
    Fillmore Vest

    offline only

  14. Harris Wharf London
    Cashmere Boxy Coat
    As low as US$2,016
  15. Moorer
    As low as US$1,128
  16. Moorer
    As low as US$1,608
  17. Veilance
    Monitor Down Coat
    As low as US$1,536
  18. Valstar
    Wool Valstarino Jacket
    As low as US$701
195 Products
Set Descending Direction

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At Pauw Mannen we offer men’s coats of different unique materials – natural ones such as cotton, leather, wool, suede, cashmere, vicuña, and camelhair – to serve the purpose of literal shelter for warmth and comfort at different temperatures and seasons and at the same time being elegant and delicate. Apart from natural fibres we have synthetic ones such as polyester, nylon, and polyamide – which involve characteristics to protect you from wind and rain – having a variety of water repellent and waterproof coats.

The styles available are divided into the following categories: the bomber jacket, the raincoat, the parka, the car coat, the peacoat, the overcoat, the down coat, the quilted coat, the leather coat, the suede coat, the shirt jacket, the aviator coat, and the light summer jacket – and we have made the division into formal and casual, for either more formal and work related occasions and more casual and leisure time. Our smaller selection of formal coats tend to be longer, buttoned and made of wool or cashmere, while our range of casual coats tend to be more diverse in length, material and fit. Next to distinguishing the coats into formal and casual – we have dedicated a category to leather and suede for leather jackets for men. Our brand portfolio of coats are the following leading brands: Aspesi, Brioni, Caruso, Cesare Attolini, Doriani Cashmere, Harris Wharf London, Kiton, Loro Piana, Montedoro, Moorer, Orazio Luciano, Sartoria Melina, Ten-C, Valstar, Veilance.

Aspesi's signature coat which has been in their collection for many seasons and remains practical as well as attractively shaped by the patterns of its raincoat. Brioni's coats are divided into bomber jackets and cashmere coats. Caruso is dedicated to delivering the classic overcoat, while Cesare Attolini is specialized in the perfect peacoat. Doriani Cashmere and Harris Wharf London offer a variety of more casual coats. Kiton masters in its sourcing of fine exclusive materials – which shows itself in cashmere and vicuña coats – and suede jackets. Loro Piana offers a wide range of luxurious coats – padded, suede, and cashmere coats, sweater coats, traveller and bombers jackets. Montedoro presents the trench coat, while Moorer presents a variety of shapes in padded down coats. Orazio Luciano uses the shape of a raincoat, but does not serve its purpose of being rainproof as a raincoat usually does – as this one is made of wool. Reigning Champ makes sure you are ready to visit any game in style. Sartoria Melina’s coats are handcrafted nubuck bombers. Ten-C is known for being constructive – their coats are made up of layers. Valstar defines itself by the style – the bomber and aviator jackets. Veilance is always windproof, and is as useful as visually appealing by its function and form.

The colour palette we present at Pauw Mannen includes the dominant colours blue, grey, black, brown, beige, and green – dividing into different hues of these colours.