About the brand

  • founded in 1911
  • Milan
  • Leather

Valstar was founded in Milan in 1911 – as the first raincoat factory in Italy. It has developed into the brand it is nowadays – focusing on outerwear, mainly in suede and leather – due to match of innovation, fabrics and Italian craftsmanship. The brand’s mascot ‘Valstarino’ – the American A-1 military flight inspired  jacket – was created for the first time in 1935. By reinterpreting the bomber, it adapted it from a military use to a pleasant civilian leather jacket. Reasons for the popularity are the rise in interest in traditional clothing and the focus on authentic crafts. more

Every jacket is made of gently tanned goat suede, as it is softer and richer than calf’s suede. Every piece is cut by hand and it takes approximately one day to make. This design is so iconic due to its legacy (craftsmanship)  and the versatility – to wear it both dressed and casual. CEO Matteo Bozzalla does not see the Valstarino as just a garment – but as a piece of design.

The Valstarino is fitted to sit on the hips, sometimes at the waist, in order to visually elongate one’s legs, which can be accentuated by wearing high-rise trousers. The original Valstarino jacket is made of suede, but it also produced in leather, shearling, herringbone weaf wool, velvet, corduroy, and cotton and linen for summer. Besides the Valstarino they make raincoats, the fit they started with, and other, mainly short, jackets

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8 Products
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