About the brand

  • founded in 1969
  • Material research
  • urban essentials

Aspesi S.p.A. was founded by Alberto Aspesi in 1969, in Legnano, near Milan. It started as a company specializing in the production of shirts – that developed into a brand that offers casual clothes, and is appreciated for its research in textile – which has evolved into supplying exclusive and avant-garde fabrics. Aspesi follows a “no-logo” philosophy – as the brand is made for wearers that strive for timeless garments. more

Alberto Aspesi says the most important thing is essentiality and his vision is to create wearable, functional and durable garments. The variety of materials used in the collections has always been a main competitive advantage. Textile research and innovation have always been primary factors during the design and production process – every fabric is carefully selected to attain the highest product quality without compromises. The fabric is always the foundation of all Aspesi’s work and Aspesi looks beyond fashion.

As mentioned within their garments – the Aspesi label, you're guaranteed of quality, materials and craftsmanship. Aspesi is known for being one of the main Italian operators focusing on informal clothing – thanks to its iconic and innovative products. Aspesi found inspiration in workwear and U.S. navy uniforms. Aspesi stays true to its minimalist, sophisticated and timeless approach – and therefore never goes out of style.

At Pauw we offer iconic Aspesi pieces such as the raincoat, casual shirts, knitwear, coats and polos, selecting the colour palette of blue, green and grey.

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  1. Aspesi
    Boiled Wool Jersey Work Shirt
    As low as €550
  2. Aspesi
    Double Breasted Coat
    As low as €840
  3. Aspesi
    Wool Coat
    As low as €770
  4. Aspesi
    Slim Down-Padded Gilet
    As low as €325
  5. Aspesi
    Cotton Sweater
    As low as €225
  6. Aspesi
    Denim Shirt
    As low as €185
  7. Aspesi
    Field Jacket
    As low as €605
  8. Aspesi
    Field Jacket
    As low as €605
  9. Aspesi
    Denim Shirt
    As low as €185
  10. Aspesi
    Flying Dutchman Swimshorts
    As low as €200
  11. Aspesi
    Cotton T-shirt
    As low as €210
  12. Aspesi
    Linen Shorts
    As low as €210
  13. Aspesi
    Cotton Knitted Hoodie
    As low as €250
  14. Aspesi
    Cotton Linen Workwear Jacket
    As low as €365
  15. Aspesi
    Short Sleeve Knitted Polo Shirt
    As low as €170
59 Products
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