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Kiton was founded by Ciro Paone in 1968 in Arzano, near Naples. Ciro Paone was born in Naples in 1933; he came from a family of fabric dealers who had been operative for five generations – which have now become seven generations. For more than 3 decades, Ciro’s passion gave rise to the Kiton project. With the founding of Kiton, Ciro turned his greatest passion into a vocation, elevating tailoring from a modest artisan craft to an artistic expression: the love for beauty, the love for beautiful garments. His entire existence focuses on two fundamentals: passion and quality. Ciro saw Neapolitan style code as a winner and took it into an unlimited dimension, a broader and more international one....Read more

Kiton first concentrated its effort on the shirt and tie product lines, which has developed into a broader product range. Kiton uses the highest quality fabrics, such as yarns of pure vicuña, cashmere, precious wools and silks. Kiton has complete control over its supply chain which consists of five factories, which are all owned by the company and located in Italy. Fabrics are processed and created with the company´s own woollen mill. Approximately 800 people work for Kiton, of which more than half are artisans. Every single piece is handmade in the artisan workshop, each garment individually cut and meticulously hand-stitched to create flexible seams that enable the wearer to experience ease and comfort in every movement. Kiton seeks more than appearances and showing off. It wants for the suit to fit like a second skin, blending with the wearer’s personality – to focus on being, not on appearing. Each jacket is made by 25 pairs of hands. It takes twenty-five hours to make one jacket, and Kiton makes eighty-five jackets a day. It takes twenty-seven hours to complete a suit. It takes forty people to produce two hundred shirts a day, which entails twenty-two production steps – each step done by someone else.

The company philosophy and Ciro’s mantra regarding the importance of high quality is as follows: the best of the best plus one. The company has a vision that is open to the world and to focus on the future. Therefore, the Italian company has launched a training program called The Tailoring School in 2001, as a strategic bridge to the future, combining a long-term vision with current needs and wishes to shape the next generation of skilled tailors. This three year program is meant to train young people so they can enter the labour market, and to guarantee Kiton’s future and keep the tradition of tailoring alive.

Kiton at Pauw Mannen
At Pauw we offer a variety of ties, pocket squares, shirts, coats, jackets, and suits. Kiton’s designs are characterised by the bold and sometimes daring choices for fabrics in rich colours and textures.

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