spring summer 21 collection

The essential wardrobe

Brad Pitt - BrioniBrad Pitt - Brioni

Brioni’s essential collection includes timeless menswear in which the brand honours its rich artisanal heritage with understated elegance – achieving contemporality. This collection is designed to be timeless as well as easy to wear to all occasions. The essential collection can be paired with more seasonal and contemporary items.

The centre of the essential collection is the tailored suit, a sartorial mainstay of signature of the brand. This tailored suit shows traditions when tailoring for today’s man: when a suit can be styled with both a knit for a more casual approach, as with a dress shirt and dress shoes for a head to toe tailoring look.

Brioni approaches the contemporary gentleman by fusing fine fabrics, expert craftsmanship, modern designs and shapes. From these shapes evolve shirts, trousers, knitwear, denim and accessories. All garments by Brioni are handmade in Italy, all to expand comfort and wearability.

Brioni - Brunico SuitBrioni - Brunico Suit
Brioni Polo ShirtBrioni Polo Shirt

Art of Tailoring

At Brioni they value their traditions – one being the art of tailoring. This tradition which has been there for generations long, comes from its commitment to craft and beauty. Brioni’s reputation regarding its artisanal expertise illustrates who they are as a brand.

The tailors of Brioni are masterful artists: their passion, expertise and skills makes them talented artisans. All steps into the development of making garments are carried out with dedication: from cutting the fabric to ironing a finished suit, no detail is forgotten.

When making a suit, a unique Brioni method is applied: requiring 220 steps, 7000 hidden stitches and more than 24 hours of workmanship. The final result provides great comfort while being a work of art.

This craftsmanship is passed on through families and communities - from experts to trainees, who have built a great heritage along the years and generations. In 1985 Brioni has opened the institution “Scuola di Alta Sartoria”, to keep the tradition of learning the craftsmanship to others. It focuses on men’s tailoring and only the most talented will get through a rigid selection process. Every four years, sixteen trainees are chosen to become a Brioni tailor. Together with the manual skills – the trainees are taught about the brand’s values, their ethics and heritage.

Brioni - Brunico SuitBrioni - Brunico Suit

Spring Summer 21

Brioni’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection is inspired by Roman attire: a relaxed approach as pure luxury. This pure luxury includes a nuance towards tailoring – serving for all occasions, for day as well as evening wear. Focusing on quality, craftsmanship and the character and style of the modern man.

It has developed into a versatile collection of suits, jackets, and ties, pocket squares and cufflinks.

The collection is a blend of comfort, functionality and sartorial sophistication. Also Brioni’s belts and sunglasses are refined pieces to finish your look.

This collection includes timeless blue, relaxed beige-white and versatile grey-black hues – cut into relaxed elegant silhouettes, made of wool, super soft cashmere, Sea Island cotton. The garments are adaptable for colder spring nights and warmer spring and summer days, fulfilling the needs of the modern contemporary man.

Brioni - Wool TrousersBrioni - Wool Trousers
Brioni at homeBrioni at home

Brioni has responded to the new reality of working from home, crafted comfortable leisurewear including super soft trousers, shorts, sweaters and cardigans. Overall, Brioni presents luxury in combination with the common – a collection that is versatile and suitable for day and night, clothing that is all crafted in Italy.

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