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The Loro Piana family began trading wool in the early 1800s. In 1924 Loro Piana was founded by Pietro Loro Piana in Quarona, Italy. The current head is the sixth generation of the Loro Piana family working in wool and cashmere, the fabrics Loro Piana is and has always been specialized in.

LVMH has bought a major stake of the company in 2013, but the family stay present as ambassadors. It prides itself on sourcing the finest rarest raw materials the world has to offer like cashmere from baby goats in China and Mongolia, vicuña from the Andes and Merino wool from Australia and New Zealand.


Gateway Bomber

The company is divided into two – one selling fabrics and the other selling garments for both men and women.  All garments are made in Italy with careful attention to craftmanship and sartorial distinction/greatness. Loro Piana has nine production sites owned by Loro Piana, all located in Italy. Thanks to its investments in raw materials and production, its continued technical innovation it has set the benchmark of the world’s finest yarns and fabrics. The company controls every stage of the production process, from the collection of the natural fibers, right down to the delivery of the finished products to its stores. Pier Luigi explains he prefers the word quality over luxury, as he thinks quality creates value. Moreover, the company excels best at the sensoriality, effortless elegance and the service and good manners that fit with those elements.


Open Walk Shoes


Cashmere Spagna Jacket

At Pauw Mannen we offer Loro Piana’s iconic shoes; the Open Walk, which are originally designed for sailing, but are perfectly adapted to an urban environment. They are designed as a functional shoe for sportive spirts, who are passionate about sailing. They became immediately popular for their comfort, lightness and minimalistic yet original silhouette.

The Open Walk is an ultra-soft ankle boot without laces. One of its special features is a patented opening with a concealed elastic band, that makes them easy to slip on. The shoes will enwrap your feet and provide complete support. Crafted in a water-repellent suede, Loro Piana’s Open Walk is the perfect finishing touch for casual looks although ideal with a more formal attire.


Cashmere Sweater Shirt Calgary

At Pauw Mannen we offer a carefully curated collection casual clothing and shoes. Visit our store to discover our Loro Piana collection or call 020-6710967 for more information.