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There is a story behind every brand. In our new category ‘Behind the Brand’ the designers share their candid insight about their inspiration, the production process, and the people behind the brand. We sat down with Otto and Jörg, the founders of Odeeh.

Curious for more? Read the full story here. 

What was the initial idea behind ODEEH? How did it all begin?
“It all started in 2009, after nearly 20 years of work experience as designers, consultants and creative directors for several big brands such as Toni Gard, Chloé and René Lezard. We simply thought: now it’s time to start with our own idea of how to dress and how to support women in their way of building their wardrobe.”

How would you describe the aesthetic identity of ODEEH?
“We are not following one philosophy that is based on a so called ‘DNA’. Our way of working changes nearly every season. ‘Change’ and ‘curiosity’ are some of the pillars that probably describe us best.’’

How did you get into the world of fashion? Is it something you were always interested in?
“Both from different angles, and both quite early in our lives. While Otto is the drawer, the sketching part in our cooperation, Jörg fits the role of the tailor in our team, the one that has all the technical knowledge. Both of us started developing these talents very early in our childhood. Otto started drawing when he was seven or eight years old, while Jörg learned tailoring and sewing from his grandmother at a very young age. That’s how it all started. Now we take all creative decisions together, while keeping in mind our specific - and sometimes different - views on the garment.”


“We are not following one philosophy that is based on a so called ‘DNA’. Our way of working changes nearly every season. ‘Change’ and ‘curiosity’ are some of the pillars that probably describe us best.’’

ailanto collection

ODEEH is known for their use of color and prints. How are the prints developed? Where do you find inspiration? 
“Inspiration is really everywhere, you just have to keep your eyes open. We usually find new kick-off ideas when we least expect to find them. Nevertheless, we are very much London-addicted. All the vintage stores in the East End, the spirit of the city – that is what drives us forward. We buy a lot of vintage prints whenever we can find them and we work with those ideas. Together with Charlotte, our graphic designer in the ODEEH team, we are verifying these prints, injecting new color ways, and we often layer different prints and graphics to come up with new dimensions of patterns. Fact is however; every print is exclusively ODEEH, developed with our partners around Lake Como in Northern Italy.”

Who is your ultimate style icon of all time?            
“To be honest, we do not have any icons in the typical sense of this word. All the women around us inspire us. Friends, family and fans of ODEEH, and of course great retail women like Madeleine Pauw.

What Instagram account should we all follow?
“Of course: @odeeh_official and @pauw_amsterdam. We especially love this one, because it is very inspiring and informative, not only in terms of fashion. But we also love @Garancedoré and @Lobjet.”

ailanto collection

In what kind of item(s) should everyone invest? 
“First of all, invest in a good winter coat and in some special printed blouses that work with denim. And, not to forget, for the winter season: a great pair of flannel pants. Last but not least, merino woolen knits in cable structures are a must have. Don’t forget to always use a bit of color, that’s also important.”

What is your favorite ODEEH item?   
“This changes every season. The aim is to surprise ourselves from time to time. Sometimes some items need more time to be ‘loved’, while with others it’s love at first sight. For this upcoming season, we absolutely love all the vintage inspired bird-prints for pants, dresses and shirts. And the peacock and mini leo coats in dark rich winter colors like petrol and black are also amongst our favourites.”      

How do you want women to feel when they wear ODEEH?         
“We simply want them to feel good! Comfortable in their own interpretation of what comfort means for every one of them. Also a bit stronger and self-confident as they probably might feel without us. An item should not be too dominant; it should be more like a second, colorful skin that one likes to put on.”

“Inspiration is really everywhere, you just have to keep your eyes open. We usually find new kick-off ideas when we least expect to find them.”

What is your favorite part about being a designer?
“We definitely love the fact that every season we start from a new beginning. At the same time you also work on a construction of several collections that are adding to the bigger picture. Travelling is also a very good part of course. It makes you get used to different cultures, nations and ways of living, and it gives you a very tolerant and free view on this planet. Especially in times like these, in which a lot of countries try to behave tendentially nationalistic, travelling to and experiencing other cultures is good education in terms of tolerance and keeping a free mind.”

How does a day at the ODEEH atelier look like?   
“Every day is different. Some days are filled with management tasks. Other days are totally dedicated to a new vision, a new collection. And then we have days that are full of meetings with our team. But what’s most important is that it’s all happening at once. Which is the good thing about us: ODEEH is still a small unit. So every day is filled with different components. It’s not only about designing, but also about managing and coordinating the collections, the production and the dialogue with our retailers.”  

What does ODEEH contribute to sustainability?
“We try to avoid long ways and distances of production. Our main goal is to produce in European countries (or countries near Europe), to buy our fabrics in Italy, and still have a significant production in Germany.”            

How would you define the ODEEH collection at Pauw?
“Always a representative and at the same moment very personal selection of Madeleine and Christiaan. They are very good buyers, since they immediately see the highlights and the essence of a collection when we work together in our showroom. ODEEH at PAUW is what we like ODEEH to be. Colorful, eclectic, surprising, and at the same time kind of stable and defined.”

Jörg adds: “I always say to Otto and Kevin (our business partner): ‘If there would only be more Madeleines in this world…”