behind the brand

We spoke to Anna and Frederik, co-creative directors of contemporary label JOSEPH, about the history of the brand, their vision on sustainability and creating a timeless wardrobe.


Anna and Frederik

First of all, how are you doing?

Very good, thanks for asking.

How did it all start? What was the initial idea behind JOSEPH?

Joseph Ettedgui founded JOSEPH in 1966, he was an early champion of now iconic design houses and emerging brands. The JOSEPH label was created in 1983 and became the destination for luxury essentials - it placed importance on providing women with a complete modern wardrobe.

How would you describe the aesthetic identity of JOSEPH?

JOSEPH is a contemporary designer brand with a strong core of luxury essentials. A brand of complimentary contrasts – Black vs White, London Cool vs Paris Chic, Simplicity vs Attention to detail, Structured vs Relaxed.

Every piece considers form, feel and function, is made with care, has a purpose and is uncompromising in quality.

"JOSEPH is a brand of complimentary contrasts – Black vs White, London Cool vs Paris Chic, Simplicity vs Attention to detail, Structured vs Relaxed."

What does the design process look like?

Energetic, collaborative, positive and considered.

Where does the production of Joseph take place? How do you maintain the high quality?

The majority of the factories are based in Europe, and they are true partners. We maintain our high quality through our skilled Atelier team and our partners sharing specific craftmanship techniques required in our garments. We consistently practice quality checks, during and post production to ensure garments leaving factories are 100% to the standard required by JOSEPH.


Could you tell us a little bit more about the people behind Joseph?

In the JOSEPH design studio and atelier we have a really international team which is great, because it creates a melting pot of different cultures and reference points. They are passionate about the brand and creating the best product for the customer.

Is the collection created with a specific Joseph woman in mind?

Their style is understated and they appreciate quality and longevity in their product.


"The JOSEPH woman's style is understated and she appreciates quality and longevity in a product."


How did you end up in fashion? Is it something you were always interested in?

We have always been drawn to the creative and visual world… Anna: My grandmother made a lot of things with me growing up, so the craft of making garments has always been interesting and inspiring.

What do you think when you see someone wearing Joseph?

Seeing people wearing JOSEPH gives a sense of pride. Seeing the designs you have worked so hard on - perfecting fit, deciding on colour or shape - working in the real world.

What does a day at the Joseph (home) headquarters look like?

I’m sure everyone says this, but no two days are the same. Our focus is the creation of collections – so we work alongside our design team day to day. But also, we contribute and are part of the collections beyond creation, so we will have meetings with merchandising, commercial teams and our communications team for upcoming collection launches and projects.

What is your idea of the ideal timeless wardrobe? In which pieces should we all invest?

A beautiful cashmere knit, a tailored trouser, a shirt, and finally a great classic coat.

Do you have a favourite design from the autumn/winter collection?

The double-breasted herringbone knit Colou coat, inspired by men’s overcoats. It's black and white, giving a salt and pepper heritage knit look from afar.


"There is a purpose with every product we design and we want it to live longer than just one season."

How would you describe your own personal style?

Anna: Quite uniform. I wear a lot of vintage – but when I do buy new pieces, I will invest in pieces that will last a lifetime. Quality and longevity are important.

What does Joseph contribute to sustainability?

Together with the JOSEPH management team, sustainability has been one of our key focus points since joining the company. There is a purpose with every product we design and we want it to live longer than just one season. We have reviewed our fabrics and yarns for our foundation collection as well as working on separate waste yarn projects, which are capsules designed entirely out of left-over yarns. We don’t believe that we are, or will ever become 100% perfect, but we have an obligation to keep trying and pushing for positive change. We want to place importance on taking small, manageable steps. Doing a little bit, well and then moving on to another.

Any future plans you would like to share with us?

Watch this space!

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