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It has been a while since we interviewed Sofie D’Hoore, founder of her eponymous label, about the full story of her brand. How is she doing now? Does she have any new routines during this challenging time? What does she enjoy wearing most and does she have any style advice for living and working (mostly) at home? Read along for an update of the minimalistic label.

How are you doing?

Thank you, my family and I are doing well.

How is the current worldwide situation influencing your daily routine?

We have a very regular daily routine. Since we are constantly at home together, there are good agreements. We have found a nice balance between work and relaxation.


What is your favourite collector’s item (in terms of art/interior) at home and why?

I don't have a special collector's item that I'm attached to. I just ordered an Alu Chair in hopsak from Charles and Ray Eames for my newly improvised desk at home.

"We have found a nice balance between work and relaxation."


What are your wardrobe essentials?

Trousers, a sweater, quilted scarf and sandals at home.

What do you enjoy wearing most?

A cotton kimono with down. We live by the sea and it can still be quite cold here.

What do you like to wear on your day off?

A large skirt (Sakura) with a wide sweater, a nice hair band and sneakers in an original colour combination (Frida).

What essential should every woman own?

A large cashmere sweater.

What style advice would you give to people who are working from home?

Make yourself beautiful for you and your environment.

What do you think when you see someone dressed in Sofie D’Hoore?

That makes me happy. They are mostly character women who opt for timelessness.


"Make yourself beautiful for you and your environment."


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