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Pauw Amsterdam has its own signature: an elegant and always luxurious appearance and feel, contrasted by military and masculine influences. Madeleine Pauw designs to inspire the individuals that wear them. She is always looking for the perfect balance between fit, design and materials. This balance should not only complement female beauty and contour, but more importantly, it should emphasise her strength.

Individually striking pieces are given depth by combining them with timelessly elegant items. Every design has the ability to be combined, which leaves endless possibilities for versatility. Pauw Amsterdam has created a style that is understated and modest, yet always fashionable at heart. The diversity within the collections leads to the possibility of shopping for both business and casual attire, as well as shopping for festive and formal occasions. 

A selection of styles returns every season: amongst these classic icons are the double face cashmere coat, the cotton shirt, leather pants and the wool coat with golden buttons. Madeleine Pauw about her iconic designs: “To me, an icon is both modern and timeless in their design. Items you would like to wear every day, established with the idea to make a woman even more beautiful and strong. However, an icon only turns into an icon if she is being worn."

In every store you find a wide selection of Pauw items in cashmere, leather and silk. 

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  1. Pauw
    Linen T-shirt with cropped sleeves
    As low as US$82
  2. Pauw
    5-pockets denim trousers
    As low as US$132
  3. Pauw
    Velvet long blazer
    As low as US$717
  4. Pauw
    Double-breasted coat in wool-blend
    As low as US$771
  5. Pauw
    Felted Hat with ribbon

    offline only

  6. Pauw
    T-shirt in linen blend
    As low as US$59
  7. Pauw
    Pleated midi skirt in linen-cotton
    As low as US$444
  8. Pauw
    Egg Shaped Double Face Cashmere Coat
    As low as US$1,265
  9. Pauw
    Asymmetric double face cashmere coat
    As low as US$1,138
  10. Pauw
    Double face cashmere sweater
    As low as US$812
  11. Pauw
    Short double face cashmere blazer
    As low as US$893
  12. Pauw
    Tailored blazer in leopard print
    As low as US$567
  13. Pauw
    Long double face cashmere coat
    As low as US$1,379
  14. Pauw
    Baret van wol vilt

    offline only

  15. Pauw
    Small shawl in wool-cashmere
    As low as US$159
24 Products
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