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  • gifted craftsmanship
  • meticulously made by hand
  • from naples, italy

Founded in the 1930s in Naples, Cesare Attolini is an absolute paragon when it comes to Neapolitan tailoring. The brand distinguishes itself with a trademark silhouette, featuring slim lines, high armholes and soft-shouldered jackets, always fitting impeccably well. ...read moreFrom the start, the brand rewrote the rules of tailoring; the brand’s founder, Vincenzo Attolini, displayed a complete new level of simplicity. Away with the padding, away with the shoulder pads, away with the linings. Only the essential remained, making the jacket as soft and lightweight as a shirt. So unconstructed that it can be folded six, eight, or even ten times. Throughout the years, the Attolini family has managed to combine authentic tailoring expertise with a cutting-edge entrepreneurial and organisational vision, keeping purely artisanal work intact and making it more efficient at the same time.

The sartoria continues to create completely handmade garments, that fit like a second skin, without sacrificing style or comfort in the process. 130 tailors use only scissors, thimbles, needles and thread to produce 50 jackets and suits a day. The brothers Massimiliano and Giuseppe Attolini personally select the best fabrics available, with their choice mainly falling on Scottish, English, Irish and Italian yarns, from the highest quality wool to the purest cashmere. The shades and designs are made exclusively on their indication, so that the distinctive style of the Neapolitan fashion house is constantly refreshed. The essential guide in the designs are always the quality of the fabrics and the cut.

More than 25 years after the inauguration of the new workshop, Cesare Attolini is a tailor’s shop that is very Italian and international at the same time, with garments that are exclusively handmade in its workshops. “One of the greatest satisfactions is to see fathers accompanying their sons to be measured for a suit, the latter, in turn, then becoming loyal customers; a sign of the fact that the company knows how to interpret the present,” comments Giuseppe Attolini.

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70 Products
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