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  • use of gore-tex
  • functionally and expertly crafted
  • canada

Veilance is founded and established in Canada. This was not for no reason – Veilance has reacted on where they are and they believe the only way to build the right garments for this environment was to establish the company within this environment. moreThe factory is located near the design centre, which can be referenced as an engineering lab, as they have an industrial shop, manufacturing tools, a down room, color tests, washing machines – all tools to develop products – which take up to three years or even longer to develop a new one. This short distance between design and production enables innovative manufacturing techniques. The design team is driven by solving problems and needs rather than just designing a new coat. It can be seen as a system of essential patterns which are designed to navigate and respond to urban environments. This system includes progressive materials and advanced constructions that remove weight and other limitations. While having the advantage of having the factory and design close to each other, the ‘real world’ is close – into the mountains in Canada to actually test the garments.

Veilance holds minimalist values and has determined attention to detail. The brand offers climate solutions by means of garments, in different layers. The purpose of the brand is technical design. Veilance is part of Arc’Teryx Equipment, which is also led by the philosophy of material innovation and leading-edge garment engineering. Arc’Teryx was founded by local climbers in 1989, of which Veilance has grown to serve people living in urban environments.

Since 1998, Veilance works together with W.L. Gore, a global materials science company focused on discovery, product innovation based on fluorpolymer technology and manufacturing. W.L. Gore has developed their waterproof fabric – one that is breathable and more durable. It is made of 3 layers and is called GORE-TEX. GORE-TEX has become a key element, as they respond to a wearer’s needs, becoming a true interface between the wearer and the environment. Veilance designs menswear that strikes a balance between maximized protection against the elements and minimized weight.

Veilance by Pauw

We have been offering you Veilance at Pauw since 2013. Our selection from Veilance at Pauw ranges from windproof and waterproof coats, technical shirts and t-shirts, practical bags, to functional shorts.

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    Apsis Coat
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    Mionn IS Overshirt
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    Conduit LT Jacket
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  4. Veilance
    Conduit LT Jacket
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    Monitor Coat
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    Partition AR Coat
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    Partition LT Coat
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    Seque Tote Bag
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    Nemis HTR Jacket
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    Monitor SL Coat
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    Nemis Jacket
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  12. Veilance
    Mionn IS Jacket
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  13. Veilance
    Conduit LT Jacket
    As low as US$552
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    Field LT Jacket
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    Field Jacket
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40 Products
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