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It has been a while since we interviewed Otto and Jörg, founders of Odeeh, about the full story of their brand. How are they doing now? Do they have any new routines during this challenging time? What do they enjoy wearing most and do they have any style advice for living and working (mostly) at home? Read along for an update of the creative label.

How are you doing?

Basically, very well. And this is actually a positive aspect in these challenging days. We are safe, healthy and we are lucky being on the countryside with our label. We can escape into nature when we feel that desire; which is a big advantage, at least for us.


How is the current worldwide situation influencing your daily routine?

Totally, to be honest. We are limited in our creative process of course, because Italy is closed and because we are waiting for the new print development we already discussed (the colour strikes and so on…). Almost all materials we include in our ODEEH collections come from there. We are in a daily dialogue with our weaver-friends around Lake Como. They suffer a lot under these circumstances and we are all happy to get back to a quite normal routine in the near future. Hope that comes soon.

Nevertheless, we are working on the concept for the spring 2021 collection, discussing new colours and shapes with our ateliers here in Germany. Furthermore, we are working on all other aspects concerning the near future. The good thing is: we are dealing with a higher amount of time in the moment, so some aspects that we often have to manage in a rush can now be done with a bit more time. That’s great!

"The good thing is: we are dealing with a higher amount of time in the moment, so some aspects that we often have to manage in a rush can now be done with a bit more time."


What is your favourite collector’s item (in terms of art/interior) at home and why?

We love photography. Especially pictures of David Armstrong, an American photographer, who his famous for his portraits and landscape pictures.

A couple of years ago we had a campaign shooting with him and it was an amazing experience; seeing him working with the natural light, the models and the surrounding of our house here in Bavaria. All that aside, we are collecting hand sculptures from various artists. Either in ceramics, wood or whatever. The headline is ‘hands’ and it is amazing to see how many artists and friends are working with this object.

What are your wardrobe essentials?

Denim and navy shirts are our daily bread and butter in terms of dressing. Also, hoodies, navy sweaters and white cotton jerseys. All in all, this defines a good basic wardrobe for our job. When working with so many prints and patterns, you kind of need a neutral uniform and a calmer look for that.

What do you enjoy wearing most?

We both like the spring in our garden. Either working with the roses there or just relaxing. So being there in our Birkenstocks or sneakers is great and fits the situation here. Together with a pair of denims, an oxford shirt and a cashmere sweater, the countryside feels just perfect.

What do you like to wear on your day off?

Honestly speaking, there is not a big difference to our working looks. So, it is more or less the same. And we are happy being able to work in our own company; not having a strict dress code, but being able to come as we are.


"Everybody, woman or man, should have a personal kind of fashion recipe he or she lives by."


What style advice would you give to people who are working from home?

Be yourself, do not be careless and define a good way to feel relaxed, but still with a good, stylish attitude that fits your personal definition of feeling good. Allow yourself colour, some patterns and a casual look that is well defined. Nothing should feel forced, but also not too private. If somebody rings the door, you should not feel stressed about your presence or look.

What do you think when you see someone dressed in Odeeh?

We love those moments, we really do. It makes us smile, a bit proud and in a way, it proves that we have done something good for somebody. What could be nicer for a fashion designer, than seeing somebody in your designs. That is ultra-inspiring, and really gives us a positive vibe.

What essential should every woman own?

Everybody, woman or man, should have a personal kind of fashion recipe he or she lives by. A small selection of pieces that one calls ‘the favourites’. These pieces should survive the seasonal periods and wardrobe cleanings: one should keep them and often integrate them in his or her daily looks. All this as well under the aspects of sustainability. So, to answer that more precisely: there should be more than only this one essential, only one to call his or her own. It is better to have a little group of items, that walk with you through your life. Definitely some denims, always a white or navy shirt, definitely a blue/white striped shirt as well, some navy pants one can easily combine, some printed blouses, shirts or tunics. A navy double- or single-breasted blazer. Some great sneakers. And a nice scent: a really beloved perfume, eau de toilette, one is heaving over the years. Especially this kind of invisible aspect is very important for us; it definitely underlines your presence and personal energy.

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