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No Black Friday at Pauw. We joined EarthToday, a community of changemakers on an important mission to protect 50% of our Earth by 2050.

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For every order on the 26th of November, we will protect 25m² of nature via EarthToday.

How does it work?

We will protect 25m² of nature via EarthToday for every Pauw order purchased on November 26, 2021, both online as in store.

In the week after your purchase, you will receive an email to virtually visit your m², as well as the proof of protection registered in your name.

Your m² will be protected and looked after by one of the members of Union of Nature Foundation.

What is EarthToday?

EarthToday is committed to increase awareness on the planet and accelerate its protection globally. By bringing brands, individuals, nature protection organisations and charities together, a whole new model is created to protect nature meter by meter.

Why EarthToday?

Nature Needs Half.

Currently, only 15% of the Earth’s surface is protected.

Scientists worldwide stress that we need to protect 50% by 2050 if we want to survive ecological and climate emergencies. We need to accelerate.

Who is EarthToday?

Nature protection organizations from around the globe are working together, for the first time ever, in one business model. Together in one foundation, the Union of Nature Foundation to protect your m² on EarthToday.

For every m² protected via EarthToday, a new m² of nature will be taken under protection. This way we can really accelerate.

Discover our collection in our stores or online at or visit EarthToday for more information about this global initiative.

Together we can save the planet meter by meter.