The Office

Sophisticated silhouettes in sumptuously soft materials to match your home office during these days. To achieve the perfect balance of professionalism, personal style and comfort, get inspired by our selection of smart looks from brands such as PauwSofie D’HooreSartoreWandler and Aspesi.

24 Products
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  1. Vince
    Tapered Trousers
    As low as US$284
  2. Vince
    Satin trousers
    As low as US$329
  3. Pauw
    Long blazer in cotton mix
    As low as US$717
  4. Pauw
    Wool pants
    As low as US$311
  5. Pauw
    Long blazer in silk blend
    As low as US$879
  6. Pauw
    Wool wide leg trousers
    As low as US$315
  7. Pauw
    Double breasted Cabanne in wool
    As low as US$856
  8. Pauw
    Short Skirt with ribbon
    As low as US$343
  9. Pauw
    Egg Shaped Double Face Cashmere Coat
    As low as US$1,257
24 Products
Set Descending Direction