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Look of the Week no. 50

The Cashmere Lounge

During the winter months we like to indulge ourselves in the warmest materials. One of our favourites at Pauw is cashmere; incredibly soft, comfortable and suitable to wear either outside and inside. Combine this wool-cashmere cardigan with flared jeans, sneakers and a beanie or hat, or wear with your favourite track pants on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Discover brands such as Vince, J Brand, Golden Goose and Pauw in the Look of the Week no. 50. 

32 Products
Set Descending Direction
  1. Pauw
    Crispy cotton blouse
    As low as US$346
  2. Pauw
    Cashmere-wool hoodie
    As low as US$217
  3. Pauw
    Cashmere-wool pants
    As low as US$162
  4. Pauw
    Cashmere sweater
    As low as US$217
  5. Pauw
    Egg Shaped Double Face Cashmere Coat
    As low as US$1,288
  6. Pauw
    Blazer in soft wool-blend
    As low as US$545
  7. Pauw
    Turtle neck sweater in cashmere
    As low as US$245
  8. Pauw
    Long Blazer in katoen mix
    As low as US$734
  9. Pauw
    Straigth pants in wool-blend
    As low as US$323
  10. Pauw
    Double breasted coat in wool-blend
    As low as US$1,039
  11. Pauw
    Suede blazer with belt
    As low as US$716
  12. Pauw
    Wide-leg suede pants
    As low as US$623
  13. Pauw
    Asymmetrical blazer in wool-blend
    As low as US$808
  14. Pauw
    Wool asymmetric blazer
    As low as US$808
  15. Pauw
    Long blazer in silk blend
    As low as US$900
32 Products
Set Descending Direction