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Expert purveyor of chic basics and luxury casual wear.

About The Brand

Founded in 1969 | Understated, yet luxurious designs | Great Outerwear

Aspesi was founded in 1969 by Alberto Aspesi. The brand has managed to progress through the tempestuous fashion industry with relative ease, decade after decade. Aspesi works to its own schedule. Aspesi was always known for its chic basics, but has also adjusted to more trendy needs. Thus through the years, Aspesi has also become an expert purveyor of luxury casual wear, extending the focus to high-tech materials. Every design can be defined by its unwavering pursuit of basic, timeless classics. Frill-free, the emphasis of the clothes is on impeccable cuts and exceptional materials. The brand is all about simple designs, but they are by no means simplistic.  Read More...
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