Jacob Cohën

About the brand

  • handmade tailored jeans
  • sustainable
  • kurabo denim

Tato Bardelle founded the Italian label Jacob Cohen in 1985 in the region of Venice and was followed up by his son Nicola Bardelle in 2003, who gave the denim brand a fresh touch of style. Bardelle's focus has been on creating the highest quality hand-made denim, while keeping sustainability a key factor. The aim of Jacob Cohen is to create the ultimate item that is comfortable, elegant, and can be worn at all times. ... read more 

Every pair of Jacob Cohen jeans is handmade of Kurabo, high-quality denim from Japan. The use of this Japanese material in combination with the special washing process with Greek pumice stone makes all Jacob Cohen jeans completely unique and made to last for a long time. The high amount of attention that is given to the production process of each item, from the distinguishing details such as brand patches in pony skin and hand-written instructions to the fit of the jeans, provides every pair with features that makes it even more characteristic over time. During the production process, no chemicals are used. This is underlined by the exclusive tracking code you receive with every pair of jeans you buy. This code allows you to discover who actually made your jeans and all the details on the manufacturing process. The collection at Pauw Amsterdam consists of jeans. For SS18 the iconic Jocelyn Slim Fit Jeans are available in a variety of colors, both in stores and online. 

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