taxes & duties

taxes and duties eu

A standard rate of 21% VAT will be applied to all orders with a delivery address within the EU. Shipping rates will be calculated automatically during the checkout.

All orders with a delivery address within the EU are completely free of import duties and local taxes.

taxes and duties uk

For goods exceeding £135, custom duties, import VAT and handling or processing fees will be applied. Please note that these fees can add around 30% to the original price.

Custom duties by the UK Customs may vary depending on what it is, what material it is made from and its declared value. VAT will not be charged by Pauw B.V. and will be collected at the point of import (this is known as ‘Import VAT’ and is charged at the applicate rate). Alternatively, handling or processing fees are charged by the local courier firms.

Should you wish to order? Please get in touch with our Customer Care team so we can help you further with a manual order to avoid any unforeseen costs.


taxes and duties us

All orders to the United States under $800 (including shipping costs) are free from local taxes, extra fees and import duties.

All orders above this amount may be subject to import duties and any additional costs. As an extra service for shipments to the US, the local taxes and import duties will be calculated in advance and added to the order amount to speed up delivery time*.

*If the import duties due cannot be calculated in advance, we will clearly indicate this in the checkout. In that case, please keep in mind that the carrier may ask you to pay the import duties before delivery.

Please note that if you decide to return your order, Pauw will not refund shipping costs, local taxes and import fees. The reason for this is that the latter two have been paid by us for you in advance to your local Customs office (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) but only you as importer are able to request a refund.

Should you wish to receive a refund on local taxes and import fees please contact your local UPS or Customs office.


taxes and duties outside the eu and us

For orders with a delivery address outside the EU, we offer VAT-free shopping as an extra service. When visiting from a country outside the EU, all prices are shown excluding VAT. Shipping rates will be calculated automatically during checkout.

Please note: online orders with a delivery address outside the EU and US could be subjected to import duties, fees and local taxes levied by the country of destination and could therefore be charged by your local customs office afterwards.

Pauw cannot be held accountable for these additional costs: the recipient will need to pay for these charges. Customs policies and import duties vary widely from country to country. Our advice is to contact your local customs office before placing your order to have an estimated cost overview and to avoid unexpected charges.