Get ready: Winter is coming up

the coats that will help you get through it

For upcoming winter, we have selected coats for severe weather conditions – protecting you from wind, rain, hail, and snow. We will guide you through our edit of winter coats.

Veilance is the master when it comes to technical coats. GORE-TEX is the fabric which is mainly used. It is wind and waterproof but is still breathable. One of the classics is the Monitor Down Coat – a practical coat with two big pockets at the front, a hood and a vent on the back. A warm winter coat, perfect for a foggy day in the forest.

From Ten C we have some winter coats from its forever collection: including the Cyclone Parka, which has its shape from the slimmer fitted German snorkel parkas of the late 1960s. Officially not in this collection but has been there ever since: the liners, with and without a hood. Some liners can be worn on its own and some liners can be attached to the coats – which can also be seen as the shells. We also have a shearling and leather lining this winter to give an extra luxurious layer to your outfit. A new addition to our and Ten C’s collection is the Sniper Parka. The Sniper Parka features a readjusted hood with military origin and closes by two flaps to protect the face from wind. Earthy tones take the lead, colors that fit within this style of coats. It matches thanks to its characteristic fabric called the Original Japanese Jersey, material that adapts to the body and becomes softer along the usage.


Moorer provides more classic winter coats, padded coats which are either finished with wool or with nylon. Moorer has a strong variety of winter coats: from wool peacoats with padded linings underneath, a wool padded peacoat with a hood, nylon padded coats cut into a classic fit. Ideal to combine with formal wear when going to the office.

Our finest brands Kiton and Loro Piana present some casual winter coats. Kiton has a down parka, in an ice color, with contrasting black buttons. Soft like a blanket around your body and has great potential to wear at ski locations. Loro Piana has next to its specialistic knowledge of cashmere, perfect other options so you will stay dry during long rainy days. All practical features are integrated into designing the coat and you are in style with a Fillmore Parka or a Gateway Hooded Bomber. Find the options available to support you during different moments – either on strong wind days, minor humidity and long rainy days. Discover our selection of coats online or in store.