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designed for the mountains, appropriated for urban settings


Arc’Teryx, a worldwide design company established in North Vancouver, was founded in 1989 by local climbers. Arc’Teryx is specialized in technical high-quality garments, outerwear and equipment. Veilance has grown from Arc’Teryx – focusing on wearers in urban environments. The products serve the same purpose, although the wearer might never climb a mountain with the coat, the garment has the capabilities to do so. They invented the softshell coat, which has been sold by many brands since. In 2001 they were bought by Salomon.

It is a Canadian brand, being one of the reasons of its existence, as Veilance has reacted on where they are and they believe the only way to build the right garments for this environment was to establish the company within this environment. While having the advantage of having the factory and design close to each other, the ‘real world’ is close – into the North Shore mountains, close to North Vancouver, to actually test the garments. It has always been about innovation and purpose for the world outside, in which designs thrive from a need, searching for solutions to optimize comfort.

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Since 1998, Veilance works together with W.L. Gore, a global materials science company focused on discovery, product innovation based on fluorpolymer technology and manufacturing. Before their collaboration, W.L. Gore had never made apparel, so it was the first time to make a GORE-TEX jacket.

GORE-TEX has become a key element, as they respond to a wearer’s needs, becoming a true interface between the wearer and the environment.


Veilance has worked with different waterproof materials but has concluded Gore is the best – it is waterproof, breathable and more durable. W.L. Gore supplies raw material of finished laminate, includes a 3-layer laminates which have a face fabric with durable water repellent (DWR), a polymer membrane and a backer which are all glued together. The top protects you from the environment, the bottom protects against you and your layers and the middle stops the storm and lets out the heat so it is breathable. Enables different weather conditions such as wind, rain and snow.

GORE-TEX has become a key element, as they respond to a wearer’s needs, becoming a true interface between the wearer and the environment. Veilance designs menswear that strikes a balance between maximized protection against the elements and minimized weight.

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At Pauw, we have been offering you Veilance since 2013, providing you wind and waterproof garments including its determining ingredient GORE-TEX. These garments are practical as well as functional through forms like coats, shirts, t-shirts, bags, and shorts.

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