the leather bomber

the embodiment of iconic coolness

Leather is a durable material made from animal skins. The earliest record of leather artifacts dates back to 2200 B.C. The material is flexible and natural and therefore adjusts to your skin and body. The use of hides and skins as garments must have come out of necessity back in the days, in order to shelter yourself, but the leather jacket came to prominence in the early 1900s.

the aviator jacket

The military flight jacket originated during the First World War for its functionality and purpose to serve pilots in the military, more than hundred years ago. Before, airmen wore longer, heavyweight shearling jackets but these were impractical – the hem needed to be shortened to allow increased movement when piloting, cuffs needed to be knitted to restrict airflow up the arms, and large pockets needed to be added for essential airborne items. The material was prized for its warmth so it allowed the pilots to wear in open cockpits. During the Second World War the flight jacket became known as the ‘bomber’.

The bomber jacket has been popularized by actors in different movies; Steve Mcqueen in The Great Escape, James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, Tom Cruise in Top Gun and Ryan Gosling in Drive. These films placed the bomber jacket in starring roles, and therefore became iconic.

Over time the bomber jacket was adopted to a more urban environment and is now a standard garment in any men’s well-considered wardrobe. Although traditionally made of leather, this former aviator jacket is now also made of suede, wool, and shearling. Thanks to leather and suede’s versatility, there’s a number of ways you could incorporate the quality into your outfits. At Pauw Mannen we have a carfeully curated collection of leather jackets by brands like Sartoria Melina, Valstar, Doriani Cashmere and Loro Piana.

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