A conversation with Kenneth Perez

his favorite garments and brands


We had a chat with football analyst Kenneth Perez about his favorite garments and brands – about what he likes to wear at work, at the table, along the field and in his spare time.

Who is Kenneth Perez?

I am a Dane, who actually came to the Netherlands in 97 to play football, at MVV, and that is how I worked my way up, so I eventually played at Ajax, at PSV, and at Twente in 2010, again. That was already ten years ago.

What have you been doing for the past ten years?

Then I was asked to do television, to analyze football, at Eredisie Live, how it was called back then, which is now called FOX Sports. I started doing that and I have been doing it ever since, now for 9 years.

"Now I am much more focused on the quality of the garment. "Less is more" I must say, I really buy less clothes, but better clothes. "

Is there someone in your field who has inspired you?

I've always said in my last interviews of the last few years, what Gary Lineker, a former England football player did, he was a presenter of Match of the day, seemed like a good idea to me, to do something similar.

How do you present yourself as a football analyst?

You now see more and more that everyone is super neat and super well dressed. I welcome that, because in that way I can be in contact with super beautiful materials, super beautiful brands. And then you can also dress differently than how I normally dress.

kenneth perez in 100 hands

Is there a brand you like to wear?

I really like to wear 100 Hands as shirts, they also make them to made-to-measure and I always wear that on television.

I think you are wearing that now, aren’t you? The shirt and the jacket?

100 Hands has really nice stuff and Incotex, like these pants that I am wearing now, a kind of traveler pants that I really like because they are relaxed, and you can wear them very casual, but also very neat, very dressed. In terms of jackets, because I am also often on location.

kenneth in veillance

Yes because the last time I saw you, you were standing in the rain along the field

Yes, with an umbrella, but I think Veilance has very nice quality coats. And what I really like to wear as suits, I almost always wear that in the studio, is Caruso.

What do you like to wear on tv?

In general, of course, I am wearing a shirts and a nicely cut coat. And every once in a while I choose a tie, or not. Sometimes it is also taken into account whether it is really a top match, that you are just a little tighter dressed. Just like when I played football, if it was a top match, you are just a bit more concerned with that. On weekends I always wear a jacket and a shirts. And on Monday with the football talk, I have more of a tie, shirts, and a sweater or any knit. But what is really nice, is that if it is comfortable, and you feel comfortable, then you sit a bit easier.

Has your clothing style changed over the years?

Now I am much more focused on the quality of the garment. "Less is more" I must say, I really buy less clothes, but better clothes.

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